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Sigma was founded in Japan in 1961, today it is the world's largest independent lens manufacturer and is a family-owned business.

Sigma's DSLR Cameras are unusual in that they contain Sigma's 'Foveon X3 Sensor' which is a much larger sensor than found in other DSLR Cameras.  Sigma also manufactures lenses that are compatible with cameras from other manufacturers.   

    • Sigma Lenses

      Sigma DSLR Lenses

      Sigma believes that a photo is only as good as the lens. It follows that choosing a new lens opens up greater possibilities for photographic expression. This philosophy has inspired Sigma’s quest for lens system perfection throughout its 50-year history.

    • Sigma SLR Cameras

      Sigma SLR Cameras

      New-generation image sensor technology for a deeper, richer photographic experience. incorporating the 46 megapixel Foveon X3 direct image sensor which provides high-resolution power and reproduces high definition images with richly graduated tones.
    • Sigma Flashguns

      Sigma Flashguns

      Expand shooting possibilities with Sigma flash.  The Sigma range of flashguns are fully dedicated to the latest auto TTL exposure system of each popular manufacturer.  These powerful flashes offer a large light output for both 35mm film and Digital SLRs.

    • Sigma Mirrorless Lenses

      Sigma Mirrorless Lenses

      Sigma's Mirrorless Lenses work with top cameras from Canon to Leica, to Sony bodies. Producing lenses that keep up with the fast-moving world of mirrorless camera bodies. 

    • Sigma Digital Cameras

      Sigma Digital Cameras

      Challenges Photographers, capturing their impulse. Sigma revolutionises photography and cameras. All over again. Discover the Sigma digital camera range at Clifton Cameras.

    • Sigma Accessories

      Sigma Accessories

      A selection of Sigma accessories including remotes, grips, cables and viewfinders.  View the complete range of Sigma Accessories at Clifton Cameras.   

Sigma Shop at Clifton Cameras

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