Swarovski TLS APO 43mm Photo Adapter - for ATS and STS Scopes

Swarovski TLS APO 43mm Photo Adapter - for ATS and STS Scopes

The TLS APO 43 mm is designed for full-frame cameras.

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Swarovski TLS APO 43mm Photo Adapter


Spring 2017 will see a new model added to the TLS APO family. Alongside the models for Micro Four Thirds system cameras and APS-C/DX cameras, the TLS APO 43 mm for full-frame cameras completes the range.

To allow easy identification of the models, the relevant focal lengths will be engraved on the adapters as part of the identifiers. 

The current T2 adapter rings can fit all TLS APO models. With the introduction of the TLS APO 43 mm, the Sony adapter ring (A-Mount) is converted to the Sony E-Mount and is thus suitable for the Sony Alpha system cameras.

Camera setting tips 

In terms of shooting mode, you should select aperture priority (A/Av) with the highest ISO possible for short exposure times. A few camera manufacturers offer specific models with the option of setting focal length and aperture individually for third party lenses (such as a spotting scope). 

Depending on the type of camera being used, SCENE mode (SCN) can also certainly provide a shortcut to good pictures. The modes used for moving subjects, such as sport/playing children/animals (high ISO, short exposure) are ideal in this case. The user must ensure a short exposure to guarantee maximum image quality.

Digiscoping parameters 

All three systems are now available in similar focal lengths of ~ 1,100 mm to 3,100 mm. We recommend the TLS APO 43 mm for optimum image quality, working at the lower end of the focal length.

Camera sensor size 

The TLS APO models are designed to suit the sensor sizes and positions of the relevant camera types. If a TLS APO is combined with a camera sensor which is bigger than it was designed for, this will result in vignetting. In this case, the sensor is not fully exposed.

Warranty terms 

For the TLS APO models, the statutory warranty period for the relevant country applies (Austria: 2 years). 

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