DJI Mic 2 (2TX and 1RX and Case)

DJI Mic 2 (2TX and 1RX and Case)

Key Features

  • High-quality audio recording
  • 1.1-inch touchscreen
  • Control dial
  • Intelligent noise cancelling
  • 250m range
  • 14hr internal recording
  • 18hr battery
  • Bluetooth support
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DJI Mic 2 (2TX and 1RX and Case)

Utilise the upgraded, ready-to-use DJI Mic 2 to capture real-world sounds. DJI Mic 2 enables you to create balanced and detail-rich audio content ideal for vlogs, interviews, live streams, and more thanks to its premium features, such as high-quality audio recording, intelligent noise cancelling, and 32-bit floating-point internal recording. 

Pocket-sized pro audio

Clear and omnidirectional audio recording allows for easy tackling of multi-person scenarios such as vlogs or interviews. Even in crowded rooms or busy urban areas, the intelligent noise cancelling feature effectively reduces ambient noise for clear, uninterrupted conversations. In windy or fast-moving situations, you can add a windscreen to reduce wind noise effectively.

Safety tack

To safeguard your audio and prevent unforeseen audio level spikes from affecting your workflow, you can record a second track at -6dB alongside your primary audio track. The DJI Mic 2 achieves balanced results with remarkable ease even in highly complex, audibly chaotic settings like a rock concert. 

Hassle-free setup

Ready to use and easily compatible, the Mic 2 hosts options from USB-C and Lightning digital outputs and 3.5mm TRS analogue output.

The receiver's power state and that of your camera can be seamlessly synchronized thanks to the 3.5mm TRS cable. This guarantees a trouble-free, synchronized audio recording experience. Plus, the receiver’s dedicated monitoring port enables real-time audio monitoring with 3.5mm earphones or headphones. 

User-friendly control

A 1.1-inch OLED touchscreen and precise dial control offer quick access to important data like volume and battery level as well as precise adjustments to gain, volume, brightness, and other parameters so you can achieve the ideal audio setup. 

The DJI Mic 2 Transmitter, which has a built-in motor, provides precise haptic feedback when performing important tasks like turning on or off, internal recording, muting and unmuting, and noise reduction activation or deactivation, keeping you easily informed of your device's status.

Dual-Channel Recording

Two transmitters can record audio independently and simultaneously using Stereo mode to simplify multi-source recording, increase your flexibility, and save time during post-production. 

32-bit Float Internal Recording

The DJI Mic 2 provides a remarkably high dynamic range with its 32-bit float internal recording. This delivers high-quality recording and adaptability in complex sound environments, for greater reliability in erratic noise scenarios and more flexibility in post-production.

250m range

An impressive 250m maximum audio transmission range in open, unobstructed environments without interference, makes the DJI Mic 2 perfect for livestreaming, studio recording, and outdoor recording. Strong anti-interference capabilities also give you the confidence to capture audio in more crowded environments without worrying about the transmission. 

18-hour battery life

The 6-hour operating time of the transmitters and receivers can be extended to 18 hours when using the charging case. For content creators using a smartphone, the phone and receiver can be connected and charged together from the receiver’s USB-C port. 

Bluetooth and connection

Absent of a receiver, the transmitter can instead use a direct Bluetooth connection to link with the Osmo Pocket 3 and Osmo Action 4. 

If you connect your transmitter and smartphone via Bluetooth, you are then able to employ the DJI Mimo app to record or make adjustments, as well as record with compatible third-party video software. 

The receiver has extensive compatibility with a range of cameras where built-in features can easily be matched with your setup. Connecting to your smartphone with the receiver also lets you start and stop recording directly with the transmitter for extra flexibility. 

Stylish charging case

The DJI Mic 2 Charging Case features a minimalist appearance for discreet audio recording and a newly added locking latch for effortless opening and closing. 

As soon as the charging case is opened, DJI Mic 2 turns on and pairs automatically with the receiver and transmitters while they are being charged. Additionally, it has USB-C and Lightning adapters, allowing you to set up your preferred recording devices with ease.

Carrying Bag

The brand-new DJI Mic 2 Carrying Bag is stylish and small, and it has a handy wrist strap for portability. All of the components in the DJI Mic 2( TX+ 1 RX plus Charging Case) combo can be easily accommodated. All accessories are neatly organized for quick and hassle-free access thanks to a useful clamshell design.

Key features

  • High-quality audio recording
  • 1.1-inch touchscreen
  • Control dial
  • Intelligent noise cancelling
  • 250m range
  • 14hr internal recording
  • 18hr battery
  • Bluetooth support

Click to view full specifications >

Click to view DJI Mic 2 full specifications >

What’s in the box?

  • 1x DJI Mic 2 Receiver
  • 2x DJI Mic 2 Transmitter (Shadow Black)
  • 1x DJI Mic 2 Charging Case
  • 1x DJI Mic 2 Camera Audio Cable (3.5mm TRS)
  • 1x DJI Mic 2 Mobile Phone Adapter (Type-C)
  • 1x DJI Mic 2 Mobile Phone Adapter (Lightning)
  • 2x DJI Mic 2 Windscreen
  • 2x DJI Mic 2 Clip Magnet
  • 1x DJI Mic USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1x DJI Mic 2 Carrying Bag
  • 1x Documents


What is the difference between the DJI Mic 2 and the DJI Mic?

The DJI Mic 2 has new features including, Intelligent noise cancelling, 32-bit float internal recording, Bluetooth support, and an Interaction dial. Plus enhanced features such as an increased 18-hour operating time and a larger 1.1-inch touchscreen.

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