Insta360 One X Invisible Selfie Stick

Insta360 One X Invisible Selfie Stick

When shooting with the ONE X app, you can make this Invisible Selfie Stick disappear from your shot like magic!

Suitable for the Insta360 ONE R, ONE X, ONE, EVO.

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Insta360 One X & One X2 Invisible Selfie Stick

Using clever algorithms, the Insta360 One X & Insta 360 One X2 when combined with the app, can make this selfie stick vanish out of frame - creating the illusion of a floating camera.

Shoot in bullet time

Can be used with Bullet-Time Handle to shoot Bullet-Time effects.

What is the length of the One X Selfie Stick?

The Insta360 One X Selfie Stick can be shortened to 28.5cm, or lengthened up to 120cm allowing you to capture from great heights.

Insta360 Selfie Stick for Travel

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