Kondor Blue Panasonic Lumix GH6 Cage - Space Grey

Kondor Blue Panasonic Lumix GH6 Cage - Space Grey

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Key Features

  • Full Camera Cage
  • Multiple NATO Rails
  • Arri Mounts
  • Bubble level
  • HDMI & USB C Cable Clamp
  • Cold Shoe Safety Pins
  • Built-in tools
  • 1/4 20 Thread holes
  • 3/8 16 Thread holes
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Kondor Blue Panasonic Lumix GH6 Cage

Kondor Blue has been at the forefront of camera cage production, using its expertise to provide your camera with the most durable and ergonomic construction while still having complete functionality. The Kondor Blue Panasonic Lumix GH6 Cage has been optimised and perfectly designed as a full wrap cage to fit snuggly around the body of your Lumix GH6. The GH6 Cage is a full camera cage and is available in both Black and Space Grey with and without the Top Handle.

Arca QR System

The Kondor Blue GH6 Cage has been designed for protection and versatility, the complete cage offers security against dropping your camera from the most common drop angles. While the Arca quick-release system allows you to swiftly remove the camera for photography or gimbal work.

Built-in Nato Rails

The Kondor Blue LUMIX GH6 Cage has been constructed with multiple built-in nato rails, located on the top, left side and right side of the cage. This allows you to mount accessories securely all around the body of the cage, it also presents you the opportunity when paired with the GH6 cage Top Handle to attach it to multiple anchor points. Enabling it to be more comfortable to control in a portrait set-up.

Cold Shoe Safety Pin

Gain added peace of mind when connecting accessories via a cold shoe mount to the Kondor Blue GH6 Cage thanks to the use of a cold shoe safety pin. The pin clicks into place once a cold shoe accessory is full slid into place and should help to prevent your accessories from sliding off the Kondor Blue Cage.

HDMI & USB C Cable Clamp

A useful HDMI & USB C Cable Clamp has been integrated into the body of the cage. This can assist with keeping your HDMI or USB C Cable protected from knocks that might damage the micro-sized ports and cause a loss of signal.

Multiple Points of Contact

The Kondor Blue GH6 Cage has multiple points of contact between the camera and the cage, helping to keep it safe and secure while inside the cage. The cage has been designed with a toolless connection that connects to the hot shoe of the GH6 camera body to provide additional security. Multiple mounting holes on the bottom of the cage enable you to connect the cage directly onto a tripod mount. 

Built-in Tools & Bubble Level

The top of the cage has two integrated bubble levels, these can prove handy when you want to make sure your cage set up is completely level when finding your horizon line. The 2mm and 2.5mm adjustment tools that are used for assembling the cage and making adjustments to the Arca plate are both attached magnetically to the base of the cage.

Over 30 Threaded Holes

The Kondor Blue GH6 Cage offers multiple mounting points and over 30 threaded holes including 1 /4” 20 and 3/ 8” 16 threaded holes, to mount and attach accessories to your cage. This provides you with a good level of flexibility with how you set up your camera rig and allows you to set it up in the best way to suit you and your filming style.

Designed to protect

This cage has been optimised to fit perfectly around the Pansonic LUMIX GH6 camera, for added support the cage has been designed with a strategically placed mid-rail. This mid-rail helps to provide additional reinforcement for the camera during larger rig builds. 

Easy Accessibility 

The ergonomic cage has an easy-to-handle design and has been carefully constructed around the GH6 camera body to help prevent any loss in functionality and allow you easy access to all of the Camera features such as buttons, dials, cable ports and battery or card doors.

Perfect Balance

A large lens can sometimes cause a rig to be heavier on one side or another, causing it to be more difficult to manoeuvre quickly. In order to help prevent this the Kodor Blue GH6 cage has been designed to maintain an ideal centre of gravity with most lens sizes. Allowing you to build out your rig from a secure and sturdy centre point. When paired with the Top handle this cage offers effortless manoeuvrability.

Wide Strap Loops

The cage has two wide strap loops integrated into the body of the cage, enabling you to connect a side strap or camera strap to the cage. Using these points rather than the points available on the body of the camera alleviates pressure on the camera body when being carried in the cage. As the weight is distributed through the whole cage, not just the camera body, making it more comfortable to carry when using a side or camera strap.

Key Features:

  • Full Camera Cage
  •  Nato Rails
  • Arri Mounts
  • Bubble level
  • HDMI & USB C Cable Clamp
  • Cold Shoe Safety Pins
  • Built-in tools
  • 1/4 20 Thread holes
  • 3/8 16 Thread holes

Cage Weight/ dimensions 

  • Weight 400g/ 14.1 oz
  • 154mm x 132mm x 78mm / (6.0” x 5.2” x 3.0”)

What’s in the box?

  • 2mm adjustment tool
  • 2.5mm adjustment tool
  • Kondor Blue LUMIX GH6 cage 

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