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New Profoto Clic Light Shaping Kits

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Profoto has combined some of the most popular Light Shaping tools from their Profoto Clic range, in a series of easy-to-use kits which have been designed to allow you to bring the very best out of your lighting set-up. These kits include the Profoto Clic Grid Kit, Clic CTO Kit, Clic Colour Effects Kit and the Clic Colour Correction Kit each kit contains the latest from Profoto's Clic Tools range. Free your creativity with these new kits.

Clic Grid Kit

The Profoto Clic Grid Kit consists of the Profoto 10° and 20° Grids. These grids help to control and redirect the spread of light from your Profoto A-series Flash, allowing you to focus your light exactly where you want it to be, making them ideal for low-key images, accenting and lens-flare effects.

Clic CTO Kit

Profoto's Clic CTO Kit has three Colour Temperature Orange gels available including quarter, half and full. These gels can be added to your Profoto A-series flash to generate a warm indoor light or a golden hour effect. Never miss that allusive golden hour again thanks to this kit.

Clic Colour Effects Kit

The Clic Colour Effects Kit lets your creativity run wild. This kit consists of seven colour gels in handy Profoto Clic frames. Cycle through all the colours or stack them together to create nearly any colour you could ever think of. The magnetic mount design lets you mount them instantly to your Profoto A-series flash. Give your photographs and video an intense red glow then swap out the gel filter for a vibrant scarlet.

Clic Colour Correction Kit

The Clic Full Colour Correction Kit allows you to balance artificial light with more ambient and natural light. This kit is ideal if you want to create more natural lighting. For example, balance your lighting to create the ideal golden hour or make use of the Clic Quarter CTB Gel and create lighting that imitates blue hour brilliantly.

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Profoto Clic Light Shaping Kits

Let Your Creativity Run Wild

Profoto Clic Grid Kit
New Profoto Light Shaping Kit
Available Now!
Profoto Clic CTO Kit
New Profoto Light Shaping Kit
Available Now!
Profoto Clic Colour Effects Kit
New Profoto Light Shaping Kit
Available Now!
Profoto Clic Colour Correction Kit
New Profoto Light Shaping Kit
Available Now!

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