Olympus OM-D E-M1X Body Only - Ex Demo

Olympus OM-D E-M1X Body Only - Ex Demo

The OM-D E-M1X will give superb performance and excellent reliability to any professional photographer looking for a high spec mirrorless camera.

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Olympus OM-D E-M1X - Ex Demo

  • First-rate image stabilization performing with up to 7.5EV steps in compensation
  • A new, overhauled autofocus system which includes a choice of specific targetting techniques and sharp subject tracking
  • 20 Megapixel Live MOS image sensor which boasts a new advanced supersonic wave filter to reduce and protect from any dust
  • Dual TruPicVIII super fast imaging processors make the camera quick and responsive. The increased performance has also opened the camera to a world of new features
  • Conceived around producing results to a professional standard, combined with a strong focus on giving the best in reliability and functionality
  • Best in class protection against dust, water and freezing temperatures
  • Superb ergonomics with a built-in vertical grip featuring precisely positioned controls to give the most ease and comfort when shooting in portrait or landscape. 

How well does the AF system perform?

On the E-M1X, Olympus has re-shaped the entire the AF system. Built around the OM-D E-M1 Mark II's 121-point all-cross-type on-chip Phase Detection Autofocus sensor; the camera works with a restructured and drastically enhanced algorithm. The camera takes advantage of the AF info of recorded images and offers great tracking capabilities, particularly with fast moving and unpredictable subjects making this camera perfect for sports, nature and more.

The AF system features many useful modes. This includes a range of AF targetting settings, plus customised autofocus area positions - working in landscape or portrait. These are quickly attainable with the help of the multi selection joystick on the camera.

Intelligent subject detection allows the camera to automatically identify a single subject (sports, vehicles etc) and will track and focus the optimum area - doing the hard work for you, while you compose your best work. 

Image Quality and Performace

20.4 megapixels are delivered by a Live MOS sensor which gives you superb speed and great image quality on the E-M1X. The sensor has a new coating which gives improved sensitivity plus two TruPicVIII high speed imaging processors improve key performance elements like recovery time and start up time. Not only does the design of having dual processors add to the camera's speed performace; they also support dual high performance USH-II SD card slots and also unlock the capabilities needed for the latest functionalities like Live ND, High Res Shot and Intelligent Subject Detection Autfocus. 

Live ND Mode

A new Live ND function will incorporate the effect of a slow shutter speed  as though you're using an ND filter. You can review the scene live in the viewfinder and edit the effect before capturing your image. The effect has 5 level settings: ND2 (equivalent to one shutter speed step), ND4 (2 steps), ND8 (3 steps), ND16 (4 steps), and ND32 (5 steps).

High Res Shot Mode

With Olympus' High Res Shot Mode, you can capture up to 80 megapixel images. In Tripod High Res mode, the camera will capture a set of images when mounted to a tripod,  which are then combined into a high resolution file. A new feature from Olympus is the Handheld High Res Shot Mode - taking away the bulk and inconvenience of a tripod, this mode opens up the mode to more situations and gives blur-free images, equivalent to those shot on a 50mp sensor!

Pro Capture Mode

A highly acclaimed feature which has been brought over from the E-M1 Mark II is Pro Capture Mode - retroactively recording up to 35 frames when the shutter button has been released, this makes it perfect for high speed shooting scenarios.

Leaps in Stabilization

A newly develeoped gyro sensor  gives the camera a strong claim to the world's best compensation performance. When combined with an M.Zukio IS PRO lens, the technology gives the 5-axis sync IS the ability to compensate for 7.5 approx. shutter speed steps - this eliminates the requirement for a tripod in many situations.

Shooting video on the E-M1X

Further to the camera's excellent capability for shooting stills, the E-M1X is a great camera for shooting video and boasts many of the extra features required by videographers to produce their best work.

  • Shoot in ultra-high Cinema 4K (C4K, 4096 x 2160) movie format, it gives you the current highest recording resolution to date (at launch), and flexibility when in post production stages
  • The superb stabilization brought by the 5-axis IS and electronic stabilization will refine any hand held 4K and C4K video
  • Three levels of movement compensation give flexible stabilization depending on your own posture and style of shooting
  • The camera will counter against varying lighting conditions found in documentary or nature shooting scenarios. OM-Log400 will deliver lossless shadow details and highlight any blowouts giving much greater freedom for any colour grading creativity
  • Capture 120 fps in Full HD resolution opening opportunities to capture cinematic footage with slow motion perception.
  • Field sensors on the camera including GPS, temperature, manometer and a compass give detailed shooting information to your images including latitude, longitude, temperature, elevation and direction of movement.
  • The anti-flicker function will automatically detect flicker frequencies from artificial lighting - this activates the shutter when at peak brightness and minimises uneven colouring and exposure between frames. Flicker scan will supress striped patterns is silent mode and when shooting movies - giving you a lot more freedom and ease when adjusting your shutter speeds.

Does the E-M1X work well in low light?

When using autofocus, the E-M1X will work with low intensity limits, all the way down to -6 EV steps; making this a great camera in many darker situations.

How comfortable is the E-M1X to use?

Olympus promised to deliver a camera design which gave the 'most compact and lightweight camera system in its class' - the E-M1X is truly evident of this promise; weighing in at just 997g (with two batteries and SD cards) and without compromise as the camera is fully loaded with up to date imaging tech.

The camera has a fixed vertical grip which gives the user the ultimate comfort shooting at all angles, while carefully positioned controls compliment the clever and ergonomic design of the body. The layout of the controls, levers and buttons have been designed to enable easy and uncompromised use of the best in class optical viewfinder which boasts a 0.83x (35mm equivalent) level of magnification.

The camera's controls feature a highly functional multi selector joystick.  This is designed to be accessed when shooting horizontally or vertically meaning you can quickly change position while focusing on the task at hand. Furthermore, a newly designed C-lock lever gives the option of locking the controls when working vertically.

What lenses are available for the OM-D E-M1X?

The M.Zukio lens range from Olympus offers photographers a superb set of compact system lenses to work with this camera. Covering a broad range of fields and uses - they make this camera perfect for nature, sports and documentary photography; while delivering excellent image quality in the end result. Olympus, which has been crafting lenses to the highest of standards since 1936 focus on carefully constructing each of their lenses with precision, high-quality imaging and speed at the centre of each design for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

You can check out Clifton Cameras full range of Olympus M.Zukio compact system lenses here

How durable is the E-M1X?

Olympus has always had a reputation for excellent weather protection in its OM-D range, with unsurpassable design in weatherproof sealing. The standards have been upscaled for the E-M1X, which has been tested more rigorously than IPX1 with Olympus' own in-house splash-proofing tests. The result? They are offering a camera which claims to have the world's best weatherproofing allowing you to shoot in more extreme conditions than ever before. Due to its design, the camera is sealed for protection even with connected accessories.

An improved Super Sonic Wave Filter (SSWF) on the dust reduction system features an exceptional coating which will vibrate at 30,000 times a second. This vastly reduces any danger of debris getting into the key components and causing havoc by ruining your images.

The camera is also built to dissipate heat when capturing video - the camera itself boasts a shutter operation lifetime of 400,000 times.

What is the battery life on Olympus OM-D E-M1X?

  • Two BLH-1 Batteries can capture up to 2,200 images before needing to recharge the camera's batteries.
  • USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) from power sources up to 100 W means that both of the batteries fully charged in the camera within approx. 2 hrs.

Olympus OM-D E-M1X Review

The Olympus E-M1X is ideal for professionals working in fast paced shooting environments where time is limited and capturing ephemeral imagery is crucial. If you’re involved in any field of photography where speed is critical like sports, events, or wildlife photography you must consider the E-M1X. The huge 287 image buffer combined with the camera's astonishing AF tracking ability and 15 fps mechanical shutter maximise your odds of catching the decisive moment. 

The camera features two TruePic VIII processors; one dedicated to the autofocus system and the other to image processing and camera operation. The boost to AF performance in terms of speed and accuracy is immediately recognisable and truly impressive. I would encourage photographers to experience this system first hand.

The  second processor’s benefits are two-fold; not only does it speed up autofocus and subject recognition it also frees up the first processor to execute essential camera functions which have also sped up. The improvements to buffer size and Pro-Capture mode can be attributed to these two engines now sharing the workload. 

If you want to be excited I would recommend watching the intelligent subject detect AF mode working to recognise and track multiple subjects on the LVF. It is a clear demonstration of advanced technology and unlike anything I have seen on other cameras. While its current application is limited to automobiles, planes and trains Olympus have pledged to add additional subjects in the future.

The introduction of the E-M1X presents a compelling new option for the most demanding and adventurous of professional photographers.

 Matthew Ward,  Clifton Cameras 

24th January 2019

Product Specifications: Download Olympus OM-D E-M1X Specs here!

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