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The Shure MoveMic range contains everything you need to produce crystal clear audio straight to your smartphone, DSLR camera or computer. Perfect for content creators, videographers and journalists.

The Choice Is Yours

The Shure MoveMic One and Shure MoveMic Two lavalier microphones have been designed to be as small and discreet as possible while still maintaining the standard of quality you would expect from a Shure microphone. They offer up to 8 hours of battery life and come with a charging case that provides 2 additional charges to give you up to 24 hours of battery life.

The MoveMics can be paired with your smartphone via the ShurePlus MOTIV app or can be connected to a DSLR camera or computer when paired with the Shure MoveMic Receiver.

If you would like to get everything in one go then the Shure MoveMic Two Receiver Kit is for you. This kit contains 2 MoveMics, 1 MoveMic receiver, a charging case and all the accessories needed to use right out of the box.

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Shure MoveMics Now Available

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