Swarovski 10x32 AX Visio Binocular

Swarovski 10x32 AX Visio Binocular

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Key Features

  • Inbuilt applications
  • Easy observation and identification
  • Built-in Geolocation
  • First Smart Binocular
  • x10 Magnification
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Low Energy Interface
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Swarovski 10x32 AX Visio Binocular

Observe, identify and share your discoveries with the Swarovski 10x32 AX Visio Binoculars, the first smart binoculars designed for easy and fast identification of birds, mammals and other creatures. Featuring a series of integrated applications for easy identification and observation. 

Integrated apps

The AX Visio has several inbuilt applications for easy identification including Bird ID, Mammal ID, Butterfly ID* and Dragonfly ID*. There are several applications designed with the AX Visio to assist with capturing and sharing your discoveries, these include an inbuilt camera, compass, 3rd party developer interface and share discoveries application. The share discoveries application can be used to easily guide any companions directly to your observation point. 

* These applications are currently available in Europe

Outstanding Optical Observation

The Swarovski 10x32 AX Visio Binocular boasts spectacular colour intensity and depth of detail, offering uncompromising image definition. 

Connect To Your Smartphone

Data and settings can be shared between the AX Visio and your smartphone via the Swarovski Optik Outdoor App, the Merlin Bird ID App* and the Swarovski Optik Wildlife ID application.

* The latest version of the Merlin Bird ID application is required for use with the Swarovski 10x32 AX Visio Binoculars. 


The AX Visio features inbuilt geolocation settings, this runs automatically in the background when there is a GPS signal. This geographical location data is used to factor into the identification process. 

Capturing & Saving Your Images

In integrated camera provides a 4K resolution (1920 x 1080 px) for videos with its 13 MP sensor (4208 x 3120 px). Coupled with an 8GB internal memory allowing you to store approximately 1,700 photos or 1 hour of video in full quality.  

Key Features:

  • Inbuilt applications
  • Easy observation and identification
  • Built-in Geolocation 
  • First Smart Binocular
  • x10 Magnification
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Low Energy Interface

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What’s In The Box?

  • Charger and USB Charging Cable
  • RB Rechargeable Battery
  • FSB Functional Sidebag
  • UCS Carrying Strap
  • Objective Lens Cover and Eyepiece Cover
  • Operating Instructions
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Strap Loop Connector 
  • Soap and Brush


How to use the identification settings?

Two different-sized circles can be selected for identification support, we would recommend selecting the circle that best captures the entire bird or creature for optimal results. The AX Visio will then process the image once a signal is established to identify the creature.

What do the four segments indicate?

There are four segments displayed when attempting identification, each will become bold once they have been able to successfully process the information. The more segments displayed in bold indicated the higher probability of an accurate and correct result. 

How to connect your AX Visio to your smartphone in the Swarovski Optik Outdoor App?

You will be prompted to enter a 6-digit code during your first time connecting to the application. This code is displayed in the AX Visio. Click “Look for AX Visio” and click on the serial number displayed. The pairing process will then start and the code will be displayed in the AX Visio. 


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