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New Models Available

In The Swarovski EL Binocular Range

Discover new models in Swarovski's EL Binocular Range models with added tracking assist including both 8x32 and 10x32 binoculars and a new Swarovski Forehead rest designed for the EL 32 range. 

Swarovski EL Range 8x32 & 10x32 TA Binoculars

Swarovski’s EL Range 8x32 and 10x32 TA binoculars offer the perfect combination of compact body and high-quality performance optics. These binoculars offer an extensive amount of functionality in a more concise package. These binoculars have been designed with an optimal 90% light transmission and a wide field of view (135m). Allowing for an extensive field of view.


Swarovski Forehead Rest EL Range 32

Improve the stability and support of your Swarovski EL TA Rangefinder binoculars with Swarovski’s EL range forehead rest. Perfect for increasing binocular comfort for longer observational periods.


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Swarovski EL Binocular Range

New Models Available

Swarovski EL Range 8x32 TA
2 year
New Binoculars
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Swarovski EL Range 10x32 TA
New Binoculars
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Swarovski Forehead Rest EL Range 32
New Forehead Rest
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