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DJI has been the leading designer and creator of drones and drone technology since 2013, using their expertise to produce more manoeuvrable and easy to handle drones, along with other unique filming accessories. DJI’s latest release is the DJI Mini 3 Pro, packed with an amazing amount of features for spectacular aerial videography. DJI strive to bring professional quality aerial footage into the hands of people at home.

Professional DJI Drones

DJI has created multiple series of professional drones, ranging from just under 600g with the DJI Air 2S to a substantial 900g with the DJI Mavic 3. Designed to capture high-quality aerial footage in the hands of enthusiastic hobbyists, content creators and professionals. Experience a truly immersive flight experience with the DJI FPV, and feel part of the action. Protect your DJI drone when travelling with specially designed drone cases, built for easy transportation.

  • DJI Mavic 3

    Fly with Freedom:  Capture stunning aerial footage with the DJI Mavic 3. Equipped with 2 cameras, the 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad camera and the 1/2” CMOS sensor tele-camera. Allowing you to take 20MP photos, 5.1K video and 4K video at up to 120fps, while also offering a focal length of 162mm. A flight time of up to 46minutes provides you with more freedom to fly for longer than before. Click here to view the DJI Mavic 3>

  • DJI Air 2S tile
    All in One: The DJI Air 2S drone features a 1-inch sensor that can capture video up to 5.4K and can fly for up to 31 minutes. Allowing you to explore, experiment and get the most out of your drone. The Air 2S is the ultimate drone for aerial photographers and videographers who need a compact drone for the spectacular every day. Click here to explore more of the DJI Air 2S>
  • DJI FPV Drone
    Redefine Flying: The new DJI FPV Drone is a powerful yet portable aircraft that offers a truly immersive flight experience. Capture stunning 60FPS 4K Video as you pilot the drone through the DJI FPV Goggles V2 with a super-wide 150o field of view. Take your flight experience to new heights with the new DJI Motion Controller. This compact and intuitive device allows the aircraft to manoeuvre based on its natural hand motions. Click here to find out more about the DJI FPV>

Light Weight DJI Drones

Get professional quality at home with the DJI Mini Series like the DJI Mini 2 and Mini 3 Pro. This compact lightweight series of drones are perfect for any drone enthusiast or a beginner interested in aerial photography. With a lighter body and increased ergonomic design, enjoy at least 30 minutes of flight time with mini drones like the DJI Mini 3 Pro, and capture expert aerial photography in the palm of your hand. Weighing under 250g, these drones fall into the A1 subcategory (according to CAA May 2022).  This means that you only need to apply for a Flyer ID and Operator ID to use them,  making them perfect for beginners.  

  • DJI Air 2S tile

    Reinvent what it means to Fly Mini:  The DJI Mini 3 Pro is the latest and greatest from DJI, packed with features for spectacular aerial videography, in a body under 249g for registration-free flight. Shoot better with 4K/60fps video, stronger with 48MP RAW stills, and longer with up to 34 minutes of incredible flight time.  Features True Vertical Shooting and FocusTrack. Click here to find out more about the DJI Mini 3 Pro>

  • DJI Air 2S tile
    Lighter than the average smartphone: The DJI Mini SE is the perfect drone for the entry-level pilot. Lighter than the average smartphone and capable of producing 12MP photos and up to 2.7K video capture. Take stunning cinematic footage with ease with QuickShot modes. Featuring the DJI Fly app, and offering a wide range of attributes to enhance your creativity and skills. Its small size and up to 30 minutes of flight time make it ideal for creators on the move. Click here to find out more about our DJI Camera Drones >
  • DJI Mini 2 tile
    Make Your Moments Fly: The DJI Mini 2 allows you to make the most of your travels. Lightweight, compact and travel-friendly, the Mini 2 allows you to capture a unique perspective on your travels. Able to fly up to 31 minutes, the Mini 2 explore your world without limitations. Purchase the DJI Mini 2 Combo Kit and get extra accessories including a DJI shoulder bag, 2-way charging hub and much more! Click here to find out more about the DJI Mini 2>

DJI online shop banner

Take to the sky and capture your world with fully integrated drone cameras from DJI. Experience high-performance cameras with incredible ease of use. Explore your world with a DJI drone. Create stunning aerial imagery and upgrade your content with a unique perspective with a DJI drone. View our complete range of DJI drones here >

    • DJI cameras tile
      Pocket-sized action cameras from DJI offer up to 4K at 60p and go everywhere you do and capture your world in super-high quality. Built-in creative modes allow you to shoot unique footage. View our DJI action cameras here >
    • DJI gimbals tile
      From handheld gimbals to professional rigs, DJI gimbals and stabilisers are available for DSLR and mirrorless camera systems, offering the ultimate in image stabilisation. View our complete range of DJI gimbals and stabilisers here >
    • DJI phone gimbals tile
      Featuring powerful motors and precise, controlled operation mobile phone gimbals from DJI will allow you to shoot beautiful, professional and smooth videos using just your mobile smartphone. Browse our range of DJI phone gimbals here >
    • DJI phone gimbals tile

      DJI has designed their exceptional microphone range to match the superb video quality produced by its other equipment. Perfect for content creators looking to improve the quality of their content to a professional level. DJI Microphones here >

DJI Blogs

Here at Clifton Cameras, we strive to bring you the latest information and the best insight into the DJI Range. Check out some of our recent DJI blogs to get a look at the latest DJI News along with some detailed insight and reviews across the DJI range in our Drone buying guide.

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