Sigma L-Mount Lens Alliance Announcement

Sigma L-Mount Lens Announcement

Following on from the announcements from Photokina in 2018, Sigma has announced the official line-up for the L-Mount alliance.

A total of 11 lenses from their award-winning prime Art series lenses will be available. Ranging in focal lengths of 14mm through to 135mm, there will be further options for anyone using the Leica or Panasonic L Mount camera. The L-Mount version is optimised for full-frame high-resolution cameras and is fully compatible with AF-C modes, in-camera image stabilisation and in-camera aberration control along with maintaining the high-speed AF.

The range includes the 14mm f1.8, world’s first and only f1.8 ultra-wide angle prime lens, the ever popular 35mm f1.4 and 50mm f1.4, the compact 70mm f2.8 Macro, the beautiful 85mm f1.4 portrait lens and unique 105mm f1.4 bokeh master.

Prices are to be confirmed as well as the ETA on stock. We have them available today to pre-order for just £5 and we will update our site as and when we receive further information.

Check out all of the lenses below, plus see our latest blog about this exciting launch, plus an overview of the L-Mount Alliance and the Sigma Art Line, click here to read on.

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