Canon R5 Troubleshooting Guide

Even the best cameras aren’t perfect and the Canon EOS R5 has a few known issues. Despite being one of the best professional mirrorless cameras available users have reported errors. But thankfully some simple fixes can be implemented to combat these issues, giving you that premium camera you paid for.

The information below is a combination of Clifton Camera's research as well as customer feedback from the R5 page on Canon's website. 

Overheating During Video Recording

  • Regularly reported (20% of R5 users)
  • Canon fixed via a firmware update

According to some reports, approximately 20% of R5 users have reported an issue of their camera overheating during extended periods of use. The issue usually arises when recording 8K video. The good news here is that Canon has reportedly fixed this via several firmware updates and users have confirmed that overheating occurs much less frequently since, if at all. 

The Fix

  • Canon EOS R5 firmware update fixed issue
  • Reduce recording resolution or frame rate
  • Limit continuous shooting
  • Switch off camera when not in use to allow it to cool down
  • Use an external fan to keep the camera cool when shooting

Battery Drain

  • Commonly reported (15% of users)
  • Advanced features will put a strain on the camera

The trade that a customer makes when opting to spend their money on a feature-packed camera is that those features can put a real strain on the camera. Is it arguable that a flagship camera should be able to handle all of its features? It’s a fair point to make. But sometimes technology takes a beat to catch up with innovation. 

The EOS R5’s advanced technology such as speedy Wifi and Bluetooth connection, a high-resolution electronic viewfinder and 5-Axis in-body image stabilisation are all power-heavy and will contribute to battery consumption. 

The Fix

  • Turn monitor brightness down
  • Only turn on Wifi and Bluetooth when in use
  • Limit use of Power-Intensive features
  • Invest in extra batteries/battery grip
  • Update firmware 

Autofocus Issues

  • Sometimes reported (12% of users)
  • Mostly in low-light

Some users have reported issues with their Canon R5 focusing on subjects, with it especially struggling when shooting in low light. The best way to troubleshoot this issue is to work with your camera’s settings to ensure that you have your kit set up in a way that can then work in low-light.

The Fix

  • Increase ISO
  • Customise AF settings according to your needs
  • Use native Canon RF Glass

Slow Write Speeds

  • Sometimes reported (10% of users)
  • Mainly issues in burst mode or recording high-res video

Slow write speeds can be incredibly frustrating for photographers, especially when they are working in fast-paced environments like weddings, events and sports. Approximately 10% of users have reported that the R5 has slow write speeds, mainly when recording high-res video or shooting with a high shutter speed in burst mode. 

The Fix

  • Use faster memory cards e.g. CFexpress
  • Limit the use of burst mode
  • Consider shooting at a lower resolution

Camera Freezes

  • Sometimes reported (unknown percentage)
  • Freezes when left for periods of time

Some users have reported the camera frequently freezing when left for several minutes. This can become, understandably, frustrating causing you to miss out on getting *that* shot. Users have found that remembering to switch the camera off in between use massively helps combat this issue. And that when the camera does freeze, switching it off, removing the battery and resetting the camera usually does the job. Be aware though that this may be part of a larger issue with the camera and that you may need to take it to a repair shop for further investigation if the problem persists. 

The Fix

  • Switch off regularly when not in use
  • If the camera does freeze, switch off, remove the battery and restart the camera
  • Keep an eye on firmware updates

Hopefully, this page has helped with your Canon R5 camera issues. If you’re looking for more information on the Canon R5 Body or the most up-to-date Canon R5 price check out our shop page:

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