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Clifton Cameras are proud stockists of Celestron telescopes, cameras, binoculars, scopes, eyepieces, filters and accessories. The range is suited for all levels of optics adventurers, from complete novice astronomers to digiscoping fanatics, through to the seasoned pro who wants to view the universe like never before.

Computerised Telescopes

Computerised Telescopes offer an incredible stargazing experience without any pre-knowledge of the night sky. Celestron uses its own incredible SkyAlign technology to set up and track objects. Simply point the telescope at three bright sky objects and SkyAlign will do the rest – you don’t even need to know the names of the stars! Not sure where to look? Take a SkyTour with a computerised telescope as it shows you the best celestial objects currently on show above you.

  • NexStar SE Series Telescopes

    NexStar SE Series Telescopes Enjoy Celestron’s oldest and most beloved “orange tube”. The NexStar SE series combines over fifty years of revolutionary astronomy with modern, innovative technology. Choose from three different apertures ranging from the 4SE up to the 8SE for powerful light-gathering potential. These fully automated telescopes are the top option for pros and enthusiasts alike.                 

  • NexStar SLT Series Telescopes

    NexStar SLT Series Telescopes A great place to start for any amateur astronomer, the NexStar SLT Series has everything you need to get going right away. Track the stars at the push of a button with the included NexStar+ Hand Control which will guide you to more than 600 galaxies, 300 clusters and dozens of binary stars. These portable computerised telescopes will make a great addition to any star party.

  • LCM Series Telescopes

    LCM Series Telescopes With the Celestron LCM Series, you can have the best of both worlds – observatory-grade star locating technology at a fantastic family-friendly budget. LCM (Lightweight Computerised Mount) telescopes are a great choice for those wanting to take a computerised telescope out on their adventures owing to their lightweight nature and easy setup. Get the whole family involved and explore the night sky together.


Explore the wonders of the night sky with Celestron’s world-renowned telescopes. Choose from Cassegrain, Newtonian Reflector and Refractor models, many with motorised mounts and alignment technology which make locating heavenly bodies a cinch! Whether your interest is in the stars and planets or deep space objects, our Celestron telescopes are the perfect tool for observation and astrophotography. 

  • Newtonian Reflector Telescopes

    Newtonian Reflector Telescopes

    First designed by their namesake Sir Issac Newton, these fantastic mid-range mounts are excellent at locating deeper space objects such as nebulae and galaxies as well as the closer planets in our Solar System. Their internal structure of curved glass frees them of any aberrations, providing you with crystal clear views of the night sky. They often have short focal ratios too that offer a wide field of view that is perfect for observing the great open sky. Celestron’s Newtonian Reflector Telescopes come in a range of Equatorial, Alt-Azimuth and Dobsonian mounts to suit your needs and experience.
  • Cassegrain Telescopes

    Cassegrain Telescopes

    Cassegrain telescopes offer impressive magnification power and are often the most highly sought-after design by amateur astronomers. Owing to their complex internal construction they produce incredibly high-quality views as well as offer large apertures in a short tube length making them perfect for stargazing adventures. The Cassegrain telescope most often takes the form of either a Schmidt-Cassegrain or a Maksutov, and they tend to have a computerised mount that allows them to locate and track celestial objects for you at the press of a button.

  • Refractor Telescopes

    Refractor Telescopes

    Refractor telescopes make an excellent choice for any entry-level amateur astronomer. They have a simple internal design that helps keep their costs low but their quality high. Celestron Refractor telescopes are well equipped to observe the stars and planets in our Solar System. They are particularly popular with those wanting to get detailed views of the Moon, however, these can also be used as scopes to view terrestrial objects on our own planet. Refractor telescopes are most often available as either an Equatorial or Alt-Azimuth mount to suit a range of astronomy levels. 

  • StarSense Explorer Telescopes

    StarSense Explorer Telescopes

    These multi-award winning telescopes combine manual mounts with Celestron’s StarSense Explorer App, a state-of-the-art star-locating piece of technology. Say goodbye to star charts simply place your smartphone in the mount and let it guide you to any object currently in the sky above you. It is an exclusive piece of kit that is only available to those with a StarSense Explorer telescope and it is worth the hype. Combine the app with the top-of-the-range optics equipment and you will quickly realise why they are so popular.

  • AstroMaster Series Telescopes

    AstroMaster Series Telescopes

    Packed full of features, the AstroMaster series of telescopes from Celestron are an excellent beginner to intermediate tool. There are options to suit any budget and they are simple enough to use to be reaping great results straight away. The AstroMasters are also available in some great starter kits only available from Clifton Cameras, giving you the tools you need right from the get-go!

  • Astro Fi Series Telescopes

    Astro Fi Series Telescopes

    The Astro Fi Series provides a completely wireless experience owing to the Celestron SkyPortal app that controls the telescope from your phone. The computerised mount uses Celestron’s award-winning SkyAlign technology to automatically locate celestial objects for you, replacing the traditional hand control and star charts. It is an excellent piece of kit for those who want to learn more about the universe in the modern-day.

  • Inspire Series Telescopes

    Inspire Series Telescopes

    Celestron’s Inspire Series is a great place to start for any entry-level astronomer. These telescopes come with everything you need to lift the telescope out of the box and be set up in minutes. Going to a dark sky location? No problem with an Inspire Telescope, they are lightweight and easily transportable, plus they require no tools! The Inspire also offers an introduction to astrophotography owing to the lens cover that has an integrated smartphone adapter. Pop the phone in, line up with a star and get snapping.

  • FirstScope Series Telescopes

    FirstScope Series Telescopes

    The FirstScope series from Celestron is the perfect way to introduce astronomy to children and get the whole family involved. These desktop Dobsonian telescopes can be happily carried around the house and out into the garden. Plus when they are not in use they make a great addition to any bookshelf. Celestron often works in partnership with notable astronomers and scientists with their designs, check out the Robert Reeves Moon FirstScope for example for a fun lunar themed kit.


Complete your Astro and optics collection with our wide range of Celestron Accessories. From eyepieces, Barlow lenses and filters for telescopes to ground-breaking astroimaging technology, to spotting scope tripods. Celestron has all the equipment you need for the optimum enjoyment of your kit.

  • Telescope Accessories

    Telescope Accessories

    Celestron offers a wide selection of Telescope accessories ranging from eyepieces, Barlow lenses, power supplies, filters and digiscoping adapters. Whatever you need to improve your astronomy experience, Celestron has you covered.

  • Astroimaging Accessories

    Astroimaging Accessories

    Celestron’s selection of impressive astroimaging tools will let you take fantastic images of the night sky. These ground-breaking cameras have incredibly small pixels that are specifically designed to render objects such as the Moon in incredible detail.

  • Optics Supports

    Optics Supports

    Celestron’s mission to bring affordable technology doesn’t stop at telescopes. Their optics tripods for binoculars and spotting scopes offer excellent performance and payload capacity at an affordable price.

Binoculars and Scopes

Not just an astronomy giant, Celestron also manufactures impressive binoculars and unique spotting scopes. Using their telescope expertise and condensing the tech into handheld devices, these optics tools offer superior quality for their price range to rival that of the best-known brands. If you are an avid birder or outdoor enthusiast, Celestron has something to offer with their optical, mechanical and ergonomic optics equipment.

  • Celestron Binoculars

    Celestron Binoculars

    In the Celestron Binoculars category, there is something for everyone, all for a highly competitive price. Whether you are an avid birder and go for the Nature series, or are after the Trailseekers for a more all-round bin, Celestron ED glass is designed to deliver visibly brighter, sharper images compared to other non-ED binoculars.

  • Celestron Spotting Scopes

    Celestron Spotting Scopes

    Celestron offers a wide range of spotting scopes that are unique and optically excellent. For example, check out the Hummingbird Micro Spotter for a highly mobile and very small scope that can fit in a pocket. Or, for something even more unique, the one-hand NV-2 Night Vision Scope that offers both dusk and night-vision viewing, still image and video recording, plus in-device playback!

Celestron History

Celestron History

Ever since it was established in the 1960’s Celestron has been at the forefront of revolutionising astronomy and bringing star gazing to the casual observer. In 1970 they developed the first high-quality, compact telescope, the C8, the bright orange design of which is still present in the NexStar 8SE. This rocked the industry and the hobby of amateur astronomy skyrocketed in popularity. Since then Celestron has celebrated 60 years of driving astronomy forward, working alongside the likes of NASA and Steven Hawking. They are continuously working towards their vision of making astronomy easier and more affordable for observers of all ages and experience levels, and strive to continue the excellent astronomical work they deliver.

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