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For observatory-grade star locating technology at a family-friendly budget, browse the LCM Series of telescopes by Celestron. The LCM telescopes locate objects in the night sky for you with minimal setup, leaving the star charts at home and your eyes on the Solar System. Not sure where to look? The LCM will give you a Sky Tour of the best objects currently visible to you. Combining high-quality optics with all the necessary accessories to use them straight out of the box, the LCM telescope series is a great option for all budding astronomers. 


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The LCM computerised telescope series boasts a range of features making this a superb option for those looking for a family-friendly telescope that uses observatory-grade star locating technology.

Does the hard work for you

Rather than spending the time locating different stars, planets and nebula from star charts, the 114LCM does all of this for you. Using incredible observatory-grade technology, and Celestron’s SkyAlign device, this budget-friendly telescope is a great starter option. 

High-quality optics

With a 114mm Newtonian Reflector design, this LCM can gather up to 265x the amount of light compared to a human eye. Showing planets such as the Moon bright and clear, delve further into space to view the Orion Nebula, Pleiades Star Cluster, and the Andromeda Galaxy.

Use straight out of the box

Coming with two full-coated eyepieces included, plus an adjustable aluminium tripod, folding accessory tray and red dot finder scope, the Celestron LCM kits can be used straight out of the box with minimal setup. 

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