DJI Gimbal Follow Focus Systems

The DJI Gimbal Follow Focus Systems collection here at Clifton Cameras is perfect for any photographer looking to invest in new kit to enhance their photography skills. Whether you're doing photography as a career or just as a hobby - our DJI Gimbal Follow Focus Systems range can help you improve. Need advice on what best suits your needs? Discuss the DJI Gimbal Follow Focus Systems catalogue today by contacting our team of experts.

DJI Ronin-SC Focus Motor

A focus motor to work with the DJI Ronin-SC Focus Wheel



DJI Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel

Why buy the DJI Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel?

Pan, Tilt, Change Modes and more on your DJI Osmo Pocket camera with ease!



DJI Ronin S Focus Motor

Why buy the DJI Ronin-S Focus Motor?

Designed to work with the focus ring on your DJI Ronin-S, the focus motor enables you to pull the focus, zoom and iris on your lens in a smooth and mechanical motion.



DJI Focus Handwheel 2

The DJI Focus Handwheel 2 enables users to control aperture, focus or zoom on Inspire 2 and Osmo Pro/RAW cameras precisely and conveniently.



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