LEDGO Continuous LED Lighting Panels

Browse our collection of LEDGO Continuous LED Lighting Panels here at Clifton Cameras. LEDGO Lights are consistent camera LED lights that offer excellent quality, on-camera lighting control at affordable prices. LEDGO lighting technicians rigorously test and fine-tune these LED panels to create strong light that delivers consistently excellent results.

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Excellent for amateur lighting technicians 

LEDGO lighting kits are a fantastic choice for beginner filmmakers and videographers. Their simple designs are easy to understand and can be used straight out of the box.

Modular design

Many of the LEDGO products feature a modular design which gives you the opportunity to increase the light source size to suit every shot. 

Lighting solutions for every shot

LEDGO LEDs come with a selection of filters, including diffusers and coloured filters. These additional accessories, coupled with the control to dim light brightness and adjust colour temperature means that no matter what you are filming, the perfect lighting is always achievable. 

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