PGYTECH DJI FPV Filter ND Set (ND 4 8 16) - Professional

PGYTECH DJI FPV Filter ND Set (ND 4 8 16) - Professional

Key Features

  • Double-sided, multi-layered, nano-coatin
  • Water, Oil and Scratch Resistant
  • Coated glass to reduce reflections
  • Easy to mount
  • Lightweight doesn't affect drone balance
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PGYTECH DJI FPV Filter ND Set (ND 4 8 16) - Professional

Capture professional grade images with perfect exposure with the PGYTECH DJI FPV ND Filter Set. This lightweight filter set includes three models, offering increased exposure control. Enjoy a better flight experience with super smooth images day and night. 

Smooth Flight Images

The Filter ND set perfectly compliments the first-person view of the DJI FPV flight experience. The subtle filter will not affect the colouration of the recording but will increase the exposure control and create dynamic blur to your images. Light streaks of movement will be super smooth and instantly give your video a professional quality. 

High Definition Immersion

The German SCHOTT glass has been treated with multiple groundings and polishes to create a glass of the highest high definition quality. These HD images vastly improve the first-person view of the immersive flight, you will really feel as if you are flying up there too. 

Water, Oil and Scratch Resistant

Treated with multi-layered Nanocoatings on both sides, the filter will repel water and oil for improved upkeep, making them easy to clean. The polished, hard coating is also scratch-resistant so no need to worry about particles in the air damaging the drone in flight or on the ground. 

Reduce reflections

The ND filter is made up of 5 layers including the SCHOTT glass, two permeable membrane layers, a coating that absorbs red light and the hardened, super water and oil proof coating. These layers help to reduce the reflections while maintaining colour accuracy in flight. 

Ultra Lightweight and Durable

Each filter has been designed to be easy to mount and disassemble with a silica gel inside the frame to ensure the installation is secure and does not damage the lens. The filters are made out of an ultra-lightweight aluminium alloy that is highly durable, to avoid disruption to the drone’s calibration and balance. 

Key Features

  • Double-sided, multi-layered, nano-coating
  • Water, Oil and Scratch Resistant
  • Coated glass to reduce reflections
  • Easy to mount
  • Lightweight does not affect drone balance

What’s in the box?

  • 1x ND 4 Filter
  • 1x ND 8 Filter
  • 1x ND 16 Filter


Will this filter work on other DJI Drones?

These filters have been designed to fit the DJI FPV drone perfectly. They are not compatible with other drones. 

Will the filters fall off accidentally in flight?

The silica gel placed inside the filter fits snuggly and seals the filter in place so that it will not fall off accidentally in flight. 

What effect do ND filters have on the overall image?

ND filters combat overexposure by preventing light from entering the lens to ensure the correct exposure for drone footage. Choosing between 4, 8 or 16 will also affect how much light is entering the drone’s camera. 

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