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Welcome to the Shimoda shop page at Clifton Cameras.

We are proud to present this new action and adventure camera bag brand.
Designed to solve the pain and suffering of the adventure orientated photographer, the camera bag system has been created to carry your camera gear safely, securely and comfortably, in the most extreme environments.

Shimoda Action

  • Shimoda Action X30

    The Shimoda Action X30 is one of the most versatile and practical adventure camera bags on the market. Its roll-top access allows users to expand and shrink the bag capacity to suit the demands of the day. The low-profile pack will comfortably fit most DSLR and mirrorless camera setups via the interchangeable core units. Customise your Action X backpack with bag inserts, bags straps and other useful accessories along with the ability to personalise your fit with female-specific straps.

  • Shimoda Action X50

    The Shimoda Action X50 takes action photography to the next level. With the ability to carry a lot of camera gear plus other equipment needed for your adventure, the Action X50 is still agile and comfortable to carry for long periods of time. Customisable options such as a removable belt, removable helmet holder and TPU ski compression straps, the Action X50 is the workhorse of the Shimoda Action X range. As is with all Action X bags, personalise your fit with female-specific straps.

Shimoda Explore

  • Shimoda Explore 25 Backpack


    The Shimoda Explore 25 is small enough to fit under an aeroplane seat and meet all carry-on requirements. But don't underestimate the smaller size. The Explore 25 has a 25L capacity and it is well suited to smaller mirrorless camera sets ups that will get you to the top of the mountain, no problem.

  • Shimoda Explore 35 Backpack


    The Shimoda Explore 35 is the largest backpack in the Explore range. Well suited to pro-camera users the 35L bag can fit it all plus the kitchen sink. This bag is a fantastic choice for the serious landscape photographer who needs a bag to go from city to airport to mountain top. 


Shimoda Promotions

Shimoda Backpack Accessories

  • Shimoda Bag Accessories
    Shimoda Backpack Accessories
    Browse from a great range of Shimoda camera backpack accessories, including memory card wallets and passport wallets for the adventure photographer. Available in various colours so you can fully customise your Action X30 or Action X50 experience.
  • Shimoda Bag Inserts
    Shimoda Bag Inserts
    Browse for the ideal Shimoda modular insert for your Shimoda Action X30 or Action X50 Camera Backpack. Choose the correct core unit that will fit the camera, lens and accessories that you want with you on your adventures. 
  • Shimoda Bag Straps
    Shimoda Bag Straps
    Personalise your perfect fit with interchangeable straps from Shimoda for your Action X30 or Action X50 bag. Available in various technical or standard fits, plus a selection of colours to truly customise your Action X experience.

History of Shimoda Designs

Shimoda Designs began on Kickstarter which was successfully funded in just over 30 hours of being live. Shimoda then went on to exceed their original target by 600%, meaning they could put all of their efforts into designing the durable and trustworthy products you see today. Shimoda was founded by Ian Millar, Ian is a lifelong explorer, snowboarder and product designer who is already known in the industry for designing some of the most innovative camera bags in the world. You can read an interview with Ian Millar from October 2019 about how he came to create Shimoda Designs, click here to read the interview >

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