ANNOUNCEMENT: Damien Lovegrove and Paul Sanders confirm attendance for Fujifilm GFX Experience Event

Professional photographers Damien Lovegrove and Paul Sanders have confirmed their attendance for our Fujifilm GFX Event at Eastington Park!

The day will begin with refreshments and an introduction to the pros after which we will divide the group into two. One will go with Paul, landscape photographer, and the other with Damien, portrait photographer, for an hour each there will then be a break for tea, coffee and pastries after which the groups will switch.

Damien will be leading the portrait shoot inside Eastington Manor while Paul Sanders leads the landscape shoot outside! Both groups will have the opportunity to test the GFX in both scenarios!

Both Damien and Paul have had extensive and impressive careers in photography and image-making so rather than give you a list of their accomplishments we would prefer to let their work speak for itself. Have a look at some of their images below...

Paul Sanders 

Landscape Photographer


Instagram: @wiggys

Facebook: @paulsandersphotography

Damien Lovegrove

Portrait Photographer


Instagram: @damienlovegrove

  • By Matthew Ward
  • 18 May 2017

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