Gordon Hodgson - Osprey

Working from home does have it's perks!

    • I spend much of my working life at home which isn’t without its challenges; however one real advantage is that on good days it’s great to be able to nip outside for a break with a cup of tea – and my favourite Swarovski’s to see what’s flying over.
    • One such day came in May this year, it was a warm calm day with clear blue skies and just as I stepped out of the back door I noticed a large bird circling in the distance with a few large Gulls, even with the naked eye and at a distance there is something about an Osprey which just shouts “Osprey!” 
    • A quick dash inside to grab the camera, which is always in an accessible place and fired off a few distant shots – just for the record. The bird circled around for a while in the distance before heading off towards the local lake, a nice few minutes break! 

 Back upstairs in the office I had just sat down at my desk when I saw it again, only heading away from the lake and right towards the house! quicker than you can say Pandion haliaetus I was back outside camera in hand just as the bird flew right over me and out towards the river with one of our local Jackdaws in hot pursuit – just magic!

Detailed image of an Osprey's white and brown plumage as it flys overhead scanning the horizon with its amber gaze


  • By Matthew Ward
  • 21 Sep 2016

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