Gordon Hodgson - Wagtails


Early in April this year my much visited Saul Warth patch hosted an impressive selection of Wagtails, the evening of 7 April was clear and calm and the light was super for some decent images.

Local resident Pied Wagtails mixed with other Pieds heading further north in the UK for the summer.

photograph of a black and white pied wagtail standing in a puddle

White Wagtails, passing through on their way to Northern Europe showed alongside their more familiar cousins, White Wagtails are the European equivalent of our Pieds with a clear demarcation between the pale grey mantle and black head, have sparklingly clean flanks and show much more white in the face mask.

photo of a white wagtail on the ground amongst the grass

Also around were the first Yellow Wagtails of the spring on their way north from Sub –Saharan wintering grounds however these little Sherbet Lemon coloured wagtails weren’t quite so cooperative for the camera!

a blurred photo of a yellow wagtail mid-flight

  • By Gordon Hodgson
  • 15 Sep 2016

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