Hasselblad Announce NEW Trio of Prime Lenses for XCD Medium Format System

Meet the NEW Hasselblad XCD Prime lenses...

Hasselblad 65mm f2.8 XCD Lens - £2,499

The lineup starts with the ideal standard lens for the X System photographer’s kit, this lens is a 50mm full-frame equivalent. This lens is designed to create imagery that imitates a similar field of view as the human eye. A large max aperture of f/2.8 and a short minimum focus distance of 0.5m (20 in.) makes the XCD 65 a versatile addition to your kit bag useful for street, travel and general photographic applications.

Hasselblad 80mm f1.9 XCD Lens - £4,428

Hasselblad's fastest lens ever designed for portraiture, nature and commercial product photography. This lens has twin AF motors and advanced optical design designed to make for a rapid shooting experience. The wide aperture will no doubt produce beautiful bokeh and outstanding separation when utilising a shallow depth-of-field. 

Hasselblad 135mm f2.8 XCD Lens - £3,699

Short telephoto, 105mm full-frame equivalent, created for portraiture and landscape photography. This XCD 135mm lens features a close distance setting of 1m (1:5.8 & 1:3.4 image scale) and wide aperture range starting at f/2.8 and extending to f/32. Hasselblad has also brought to market a dedicated X Converter 1.7 which will extend the focal length of the 135mm to 230mm. In full-frame terms, we're looking at a 178mm equivalency and reduced aperture range of f/4.8 - 32.

When can I buy the new Hasselblad XCD lenses?

 You can secure pre-orders with us now for a mere £5.00 deposit. The lenses will begin shipping in November 2018. 

  • By Matthew Ward
  • 25 Sep 2018

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