How SIGMA Lenses are Made - Touring the SIGMA Factory in Japan with Johnnie Behiri

Johnnie Behiri is the first journalist allowed to independently film inside SIGMA's Art and cinema production lines. 

Sigma is the world's largest independent lens manufacturer employing over 1,100 people. 

In the video CEO Kazuto Yamaki-san explains what SIGMA stands for saying 'When my father founded the company he didn't want to be the dictator or strong company owner. He wanted to harmonise the company so sigma means summation right?' Kazuto goes on to explain that his father's vision for the company was to be the summation of peoples collective power, knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Harmony is a fundamental value in Japanese culture and is derived from Confucianism which places a great deal of emphasis on consonance and order.

Manufacturing high-quality optics requires patience and a great deal of meticulousness. In any SIGMA lens, there are very many small parts that need to fit together precisely on a long production line involving hundreds of people. With so many small interdependent components coming together to create each lens it's not difficult to see why Kazuto places so much importance on nurturing a harmonious environment. 

Check out some of our favourite SIGMA lenses and John's video below:

  • 5 Apr 2018

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