Nikon Release Teaser Trailer for New Camera with Huge Mount

Nikon has released a short video teasing their newest camera!

The video is about a minute and a half of computer-generated imagery that follows rays of light through space to an atmospheric soundtrack. The light travels through a large ring of white light and assembles upon what we assume is a large sensor. We then travel through the processor and out through an LCD screen where an image has appeared on the back of a dark silhouetted camera body.

The camera is completely black, the edges of which are barely perceptible, as it rotates back to the front to reveal the large white ring the light travelled through earlier in the video. This ring of light presumably represents a new wide Nikon mount.

The camera appears to be smaller than other Nikon DSLR bodies obviously hinting that this is Nikon's next generation of cameras, likely representative of a mirrorless model.

The video then concludes with the simple message 'In Pursuit of Light'.

Obviously, Nikon has some big news they are teasing at. Anyone who's been paying attention to the rumour sites over the last year will be aware of what is coming...

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  • 23 Jul 2018

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