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July 2013 -  ZAMBIA

I'm just home after an action-packed few weeks in Zambia, where I was staying at the wonderful Mfuwe lodge owned by The Bushcamp Company. I've been going there for a number of years as it's fabulous for both wildlife and great, friendly service. Firstly I was teaching eight guests on a wildlife photography course for Steppes Discovery (the 2014 trip has already sold out, and I'll be announcing dates for 2015 soon).  I had INCREDIBLE leopard sightings during the trip - including following one youngster for over an hour as he sauntered alongside us for over an hour. Fabulous!



I was then guiding two friends from Chicago at The Bushcamp Company camps, Chamilandu and Bilimungwe. The latter has just four lovely rooms, which all look over a central waterhole.  Elephants come to drink several times a day and also dust bathe.


ON our first evening we had an incredible experience and were able to watch a group of hyaenas who had stolen a puku kill from a leopard. We watched the drama unfold as the hyaenas chased the leopard into a tree, who looked on with disgust as they tucked into the kill!


Luckily I was using my Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body, so was able to set the ISO very high and get some excellent images at nighttime. I also used my Canon EF 300mm f2.8L IS II USM Lens every day - I love this lens!  I recently bought a Canon Extender EF 2x Mk III teleconverter and have been very impressed with some of the results - so watch this space next month!

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Canon DLSR Camera Body: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body

Canon DLSR Lens: Canon EF 300mm f2.8L IS II USM

Canon DLSR Lens: Canon Extender EF 2x Mk III teleconverter

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  • By Sue Flood
  • 23 Jul 2013

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