A Look at the TTArtisan Lenses Range

From the more retro-design focussed TTArtisan 23mm f1.4 APS-C Lens to the Leica Summulix emulating design of the TTArtisan 50mm f1.4 Leica M Mount Lens, these lenses offer a variety of looks and targeted demographics. TTArtisan’s all-metal lenses give off a sleek, minimalist aesthetic and while heavy, are relatively compact for any travel or on-the-go photography you want to shoot. 

Durable, compact, and high-cost performance designs are available in a variety of mounts including Fujifilm X mount, Micro-Four Thirds, Nikon Z mount and Sony E mount. These manual-focus-only prime lenses with an all-metal construction and portable design set a happy medium between price and performance. 

TTArtisan Mirrorless Camera Lenses

TTArtisan Mirrorless Camera Lenses

The lenses feature an all-metal design which gives smooth focus rings and clickable aperture rings; offering great depth of field control and low-light performance for getting creative with your shots. Optical coatings and compact lens construction work to further increase image sharpness and reduce aberrations. 

For those looking for compact lenses, the near pancake-style TTArtisan 50mm f2 Lens lends itself to travel and street photography with a versatile 50mm focal length. The maximum aperture of f/2 is able to achieve a smooth background bokeh which lets in a good amount of light even in low-light environments. 

For more light intake with the same focal length, you can look at the TTArtisan 50mm f0.95 APS-C. While this lens is larger, it can give you beautiful bokeh for up-close shots and portrait photography. 

For close-up stills, portraits and insect photography. The TTArtisan 40mm F2.8 APS-C Macro Lens is an all-metal, manual-focus-only lens for cropped sensor mirrorless cameras that offers a large aperture and 1:1 magnification for macro shots. Or for capturing stunning close-up shots of your subjects consider the TTArtisan 90mm f1.25 Lens. This focal length allows you to blur out the background of your portrait shots and create a shallow depth-of-field effect.

Alternatively, the compact design of the TTArtisan 35mm f1.4 APS-C Lens makes it an ideal portable normal-length prime for portraiture. This lens has a unique design using 7 elements in 6 groups to produce a classic rendering and 10 aperture blades for soft bokeh. The centre sharpness of this 35mm lens is maintained well, even wide open, which allows you to compose sharp portraiture as close up as 0.28m. The coatings and internal design work to pull more colour and contrast into your shots.

Need a compact street photography lens for your travels, the TTArtisan 25mm f2 APS-C Lens has you covered. Create a beautiful bokeh and let in a great amount of light for creativity even in challenging lighting with this lightweight pancake lens.

In portraiture, the TTArtisan 17mm's bokeh and slight loss of detail at the edges of the frame, work creatively to draw attention to the subject with very minimal vignetting. The solid performance in f/1.4 makes this lens more than capable for night shoots, casual portraiture, and as an all-around practical everyday use lens. 

On the wider side, take a look at the TTArtisan 7.5mm f2.0 APS-C, ideal for landscapes, panoramics, and even time lapses.

TTArtisan Rangefinder Lenses

TTArtisan Rangefinder Lenses

The manual nature of the TTArtisan lenses brings you back to basics for a more hands-on shooting experience that will suit rangefinders perfectly. For the most part, these lenses will be compared with Leica lenses and obviously fall short due to being a lower-cost option for the Leica M mount system.

However, it will probably surprise you how close lenses like the TTArtisan 50mm f1.4 Leica M Mount Lens get to the Summilux, even featuring more aperture blades, so can stop down for a beautiful bokeh. Working with Leica’s M-mount cameras, the TTArtisan 50mm f1.4 can achieve very sharp images, particularly in the centre. It has a slightly warmer colour shift, noticeable vignetting, and chromatic aberration, but none of which jumps out at you when shooting. 

A fast 90mm lens tends to be a bit more situational as you’ll be wanting it to shoot in either extremely low light, or to produce a very shallow depth of field images. In this regard the TTArtisan 90mm f1.25 Leica M Mount Lens offers good contrast even at the lower end of its aperture range, generating a good amount of detail on what’s in focus and a satisfying level of contrast to the image. 

For your more on-the-go shots, street photography, and tighter crop architecture shots the TTArtisan 28mm f5.6 Leica M Mount Lens really shines, even in dimly lit environments. Added to this the lens is small, even with a hood, making it highly portable. Though the minimum focus distance of 1m will limit you from taking any close-up shots, mid-range portraiture is another area where the lens could work well. The f5.6 aperture offers plenty of contrast for sharp and dynamic shots, which along with the 28mm focal length will provide greater depth and visual impact than a standard 35mm lens. 

Final thoughts

The constants across the TTArtisan lens range are the all-metal, durable build quality, the compact lens construction (even in the larger models), and the amazing bokeh you can achieve. Many of the lenses focus on centre sharpness for portraiture and fast apertures suitable for nighttime shots, and while they often come out heavier than comparative lenses, they fit really well as versatile on-the-go additions to a photography kit.

The manual-only focus would seem at first to suit video work, however, the clickable aperture rings lend themselves better to shooting stills. Therefore, their videography usage may be limited to vlogging and studio work, with the TTArtisan 21mm f1.5 Leica M Mount Lens seeming best suited to this. 

Overall, these lenses seem to bring great specs at a low price, helping you take images with good sharpness and image quality, even in dimly lit environments. With a number of standard focal lengths such as the 50mm and 35mm, to some more situational lenses, the variety of this range means there’s something for everyone.

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  • By James Spires
  • 14 Mar 2023

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