PGYTECH Mantispod Vlogging Tripod Tips & Tricks

Take a look at the new Mantispod and Mantispod Pro Vlogging Tripods from PGYTECH. Winners of the 2021 Red Dot Design Award, this handgrip/mini tripod is revolutionising the way that vloggers can capture their life.

Seven shooting modes including Mantis

The Mantispod’s main feature is that it has up to seven shooting modes so that no matter what your shot, the Mantispod can capture it. This freedom to mount a camera almost anywhere thanks to the new Mantis Mode means that now a cupboard handle, mesh fencing or even an open drawer can be used as a place to mount your camera from. Easy to deploy, simply unfold the Mantis latch and hook onto any surface less than 90mm thick. 

Tips and Tricks

Check out some Tips and Tricks from PGYTECH on how to get the most out of your Mantispod.

Mantispod vs. Mantispod Pro

The two variations of the Mantispod are fairly similar with a few key differences. The main difference is that the Mantispod Pro comes with the patented SnapLock System to mount your camera, whereas the Mantispod uses just the regular 1/4 inch screw mount. The Pro also features the seventh shooting mode, Vertical, which is great for filming TikToks and portrait vlogs.



Mantispod Pro

Elevated Tripod Height



Lowered View Height



Extended Mode Length



Handheld Mode Length



Number of Modes

6 (Handheld Mode, Lowered View Mode, Elevated Tripod Mode, Extended Mode, Mobile Vlogging Mode, Mantis Mode)

7 (Handheld Mode, Lowered View Mode, Elevated Tripod Mode, Extended Mode, Mobile Vlogging Mode, Mantis Mode, Vertical Shooting Mode)

SnapLock System



Where can I buy the Mantispod?

The Mantispod and Mantispod Pro are now available to Pre-Order for just £5. Place your order today and be in the first batch that we receive!

PGYTECH Mantispod Pro Vlogging Tripod - £159

PGYTECH Mantispod Vlogging Tripod - £109

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  • By Beatrice Debney
  • 30 Jun 2021

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