The Peak Design Everyday V2 Range

The Peak Design Everyday Range is in its second generation of award-winning photography gear. Designed with functionality in mind this entire range is weatherproof, durable and sustainably sourced and most importantly looks amazing whether you are on your way to a major photo shoot or on the morning commute. 

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Choosing the right bag

Struggling to decide which Everyday v2 camera bag is perfect for you? Peak Design has a wide range of bags for your every need from backpacks, slings, messenger and the all-new tote. Watch this video from Peak Design as they delve right into all the details. 

What's new with the V2?

Peak Design has listened to hundreds of passionate customers and professionals worldwide to improve upon their award-winning design of the V1. 

To view a detailed breakdown of the changes to each individual line checkout out the PDF below. For a quick glance review just keep reading. 

New colours: Two new colours, Midnight Blue and Bone join the original Ash and Black line up.

UltraZip: Secure your equipment even better with Anti-Theft and waterproof zippers. 

MagLatch: Improved MagLatch technology is more ergonomic and easier to use.

External Carry Straps: New external carry straps with improved CordHook connectors for even more carrying potential.

Sustainable: New outer fabric is 100% recycled and Bluesign Certified (Black is not Certified – but it is vegan)

Shoulder Straps: Shoulder straps are more padded for extra comfort. 

Elastic Key Tether: Key tether is now elasticated for improved usability. 

NEW bag: Brand new Backpack Totepack joins the family. 

What's NEW full specifications > 


Compare the Backpacks


Everyday Backpack 20L v2

Everyday Backpack 30L v2 

Everyday Backpack 15L Zip v2 

Everyday Backpack 20L Zip v2 

Everyday Totepack 20L

Capacity 20L 30L 15L 20L 20L
External Dimensions 33 x 46 x 30 cm 33 x 48 x 32 cm 26 x 42 x 28 cm 29 x 47 x 29 cm 38 x 46 x 36 cm
Laptop Capacity Holds 15/16” Macbook Pro Holds most 16” laptops Holds 13” Macbook Pro Holds 15/16” Macbook Pro Holds 15/16" Mackbook Pro
Tablet Capacity Holds 12.9" iPad Pro Holds 12.9" iPad Pro No dedicated tablet sleeve Holds 12.9" iPad Pro Holds 12.9" iPad Pro
Number of FlexFold Dividers 3 3 2 2 2
Weight With Dividers: 2.01kg (4.43lbs) With Dividers: 2.11kg (4.65lb) With Dividers: 1.34kg (2.95lb) With Dividers: 1.55kg (3.42lb) With Dividers: 1.25kg (2.76lb)
Available Colours Black, Charcoal, Ash, Midnight Navy Black, Charcoal, Midnight Navy Black, Ash, Midnight Navy, Bone Black, Ash, Midnight Navy Black, Bone
Buy this for A classic camera backpack Packing everything including the kitchen sink A smaller urban design A large urban designed backpack A stylish, convertible tote/pack

EDLv2 sling bags

Compare the Sling Bags

Feature Everyday Sling 3L Everyday Sling 6L Everyday Sling 10L
Capacity 3L 6L 10L
External Dimensions 30 x 19 x 24 cm 34 x 24 x 27 cm 42 x 26 x 35 cm
Laptop Capacity N/A N/A Holds 13" Macbook Pro
Tablet Capacity N/A Holds 11" iPad Pro Holds 12.9" iPad Pro
Number of FlexFold Dividers 1 2 2
Weight With Dividers: 0.55kg (1.21lb) With Dividers: 0.78kg (1.72lb) With Dividers: 0.88kg (1.94lb)
Available Colours Black, Ash Black, Ash, Midnight

Black, Ash

Buy this for Running around with a mirrorless camera and lens Carrying a drone such as the DJI Mavic

A convenient day commuter bag 

EDLv2 satchels

Compare the Messenger and Tote

Feature Everyday Messenger 13L v2 Everyday Tote 15L v2
Capacity 13L 15L
External Dimensions 41 x 30 x 36 cm 42 x 32 x 36 cm
Laptop Capacity Holds 13” Macbook Pro Holds 13” Macbook Pro
Tablet Capacity Holds 12.9" iPad Pro No dedicated tablet sleeve
Number of FlexFold Dividers 2 2
Weight With Dividers: 1.21kg (2.67lb) With Dividers: 1.02kg (2.25lb)
Available Colours Black, Ash Black, Bone
Buy this for Being a commuter by day, photographer by night Stylish and handy camera carry

Ready to take the leap?

We hope this guide has helped you decide which Everyday bag is going to be perfect for your needs. If you still have questions however get in touch! You can contact our friendly customer support team for expert advice either via email, live chat or call us on 01453  548128. Or, come visit us in-store! 

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