Top 5 Photography Trends for 2020

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We’re now a little way into January - I know, where has the time gone? We want to talk to you about what we think will be the biggest trends of 2020. What styles and themes will be prevalent this year? How will we challenge our photography skills and push the boundaries on the images we create? We’ll take you through the five top trends for photography in 2020 with the hope you might learn something new about the photography world.

1. Very Vertical

Starting with a social media theme, whether you run a photography business or just want to showcase your snaps, then being savvy across the social media platforms is more important than ever in 2020. Over half of traffic across all social media channels are viewed via a mobile device, usually a mobile phone. To get the largest real estate on one of the largest platforms, Instagram, you should be posting with a portrait ratio of 4:5, this means whipping your camera round to the vertical position to get the optimum framing on your shot.

This trend began in the last decade but certainly continues to grow into the ’20s. Whatever your style of photography is, just try rotating your camera around by 90 degrees. If it’s a new concept to you then you might find you may even enjoy the challenge of trying new compositions and framing techniques.


    Switch things up: 3 Legged Things

    If you’re a hardcore landscape or horizontal photographer then perhaps try one of the many L brackets on the market to help you make the 90 degree switch more efficient.

    We’re a fan of the 3 Legged Things Universal L Bracket. With up to 9 possible configurations, you can swiftly switch from horizontal to vertical in a matter of seconds. Coming in this striking Copper colour or a more cool and collected Steel Grey. The choice is yours.

    Compatibility isn't an issue with these L brackets either. With top popular brands such as Nikon, Canon, Sony and Fujifilm all covered, you'll be safe in the knowledge that there will be a version to suit your camera body.


  • 3LT Universal L Bracket


2. Authentic and Unedited

Another smouldering trend from last year that’s making more waves in 2020 are unedited, real and authentic images. We’re seeing more and more demand for realistic imagery over the posed and heavily edited photos that can look too messy and overworked. If you take a scan through stock photography websites you’ll notice that you’re confronted with softer colour palettes and more relaxed and candid styles.

Whatever your type of photography, try to use those filters and heavy edits less and less and try to develop (no pun intended) your own brand and style that makes your photography really unique but in an honest and authentic manner. Grab your viewers attention with images that contain natural elements, it might even push you to try shooting something new.

3. Video is King

Not necessarily a photography trend as such but certainly a noteworthy subject. We’re sure this isn’t brand new knowledge to you and we’re certainly not surprised that 2020 will be starting to turn its focus to movement over still photography. No need to panic though if you’ve never touched video before, you can easily start taking some simple videos on your next photoshoot or next trip out with your camera. Try taking some small video clips with a 30 second final product in mind. You don’t have to produce an award winning edit, video can be nothing more than a continuation of your photographic storytelling. 

With the advancements in technology, picking up a mirrorless or DSLR camera that can shoot epic stills and take great video is achievable. Not necessarily an easy job though with the vast amount of options available to you, so that’s where people like us come in! #shamelessplug

With free editing tools like iMovie available to the masses, you can begin your videography journey relatively pain free. Don’t forget to scan YouTube for free tutorials and tips on how to bridge the gap between your photography and videography in 2020.

4. Creative with Colour

Whether you knew it or not, there’s always a colour of the year that helps shape and influence our choices across various industries including home furnishings, fashion, and of course the visual industries such as graphic design and photography. In 2020 that colour is Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue. We can only imagine that this will bring a sense of calm and tranquility to our photography. Whether that’s a simple adjustment in the white balance and temperature of our images or whether it’s a shift in focus (again, no pun intended) on the seas, skies and other blue coloured subjects we have available in the world around us. 

Whatever the ‘Classic Blue’ colour means to you, how and even, will you let it affect your photography in 2020? 

5. Travel Photography

Not necessarily a “trend” specifically, however the main theme from many conversations with our customers and colleagues centre around getting out more with their cameras. Many New Year resolutions can focus on seeing more of the world around us, so what could be better than documenting those journeys through the lens of your camera?

Travel photography banner image

If you’re UK based then there are plenty of weekend getaway options. Places like the Lake District offer outstanding natural beauty and plenty of epic photo opportunities. However just a hop, skip and a jump to your closest town or city can also provide a fantastic backdrop and also a great challenge. If you’ve not shot street photography before then I certainly recommend giving it a try. You might even capture a few shots that are worthy of printing and putting up on the wall at home.

Keep a travel journal or some form of photo book to look back on in December. Don’t let your images sit on your hard drive or various memory cards at the bottom of your camera bag. Get them printed, mounted, stuck in an album or even plastered over social media. Whatever method you choose, just make sure they don’t go to waste.

What’s Next Clifton Cameras in 2020?

We’ve got many more blogs coming your way with a shed load of hints and tips for your photography and videography. We’ve also got some videos on the horizon, covering the top new releases to the market. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see or hear from us then let us know by emailing or by getting in touch with us on our social media channels.

  • By Fiona Chandler
  • 10 Jan 2020

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