Top 5 Podcasts to Listen to in 2021

Which podcasts should you listen to in 2021?

Photography is, by nature, a visual medium and in our busy, digital age we can be bombarded with content for the eyes. But what about the ears?

Podcasts are ideal to listen to whilst on a walk, working from home, or just when you fancy a break from the screen.

Thankfully, there are a whole heap of photography blogs and podcasts out there that talk about everything from reviews, how to’s, and photo stories to keep you informed and inspired. We’ll list our top 5 here for you to enjoy in 2021.

How can a photography podcast help you?

1. Get inspiration from photo stories, interviews and resource articles.
2. Improve your skills with photography techniques, software tips and tutorials.
3. Stay informed about the latest cameras, gear and technologies.

1: Chase Jarvis

Chase provides everything from motivation for your creativity to hints and tips on how to get the job done. He does this through easy listening podcasts along with riveting blog posts that really encourage you to get better at photography and sometimes, in life in general!

You can listen to him on most podcast platforms or directly from his website >

2: Cameras or Whatever

This podcast is “for the working photographer” and is hosted by Tyler Stalman. Tyler’s calm and charismatic tones cover fantastic and in-depth reviews and techniques to better your photography.

He’s available to listen to on iTunes and other major platforms or over on his website >

3: The Beginners Photography Podcast

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Interviews, reviews, top tips and more from Raymond Hatfield. He invites fellow photographers onto the show too so you get a great mix of opinions and experiences.

Check him out on the link here or head over to his website for more details >

4: This Week in Photo (TWiP)

Hosted by Frederick Van Johnson, this weekly podcast is one of the longest-running out there and certainly packs a punch when it comes to content. Suitable for all levels of experience, there’s a ton to explore and learn with this podcast.

Head to their website now to get listening >

5: The Matti and Pete Show

Two FANTASTIC modern, digital photographers and filmmakers that cover all topics on content creation plus a whole host of non-photography-related, fun stuff!

Matti and Pete are HUGE YouTubers in their own right so make sure you check out their channels for tutorials and honest reviews.

Peter McKinnon’s channel>

Matti Haapoja’s channel>


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  • By Fiona Chandler
  • 13 Jan 2021

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