Top Tips for Shooting Square with the SQ1

Are you having a bit of a digital detox and looking to get back to photographing in the moment? Or maybe you have always fancied an instant camera with that traditional square frame? Then Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1may be just perfect for you. Its instant photography 1:1 format is a great way to change up the pace and we have some top tips from Fujifilm on just how to do that. 

Top Tip #1 – Keep It Central

A square frame makes such a great canvas for a central shot. Place your subject in the center of your frame to really highlight what it is you are wanting to photograph. No one will be able to resist your photography now.

Top Tip #2 – Style With Symmetry

What could be more satisfying than having a photo with a 1:1 aspect ratio full of perfect symmetry? 

Answer: nothing. 

This top tip really gets you to be creative when setting up or choosing your shot. Use what’s already in front of you to start your symmetry. Are you out on a brunch date? Get those coffee mugs and tasty dishes together. Then position yourself at a 90 or 180-degree angle to really let that symmetry pop. 

Top Tip #3 – Dial In Depth

Use what’s already around you to create interesting backgrounds to up your square photography game. Curate your shelf to make the perfect background or let nature do its thing out in the wild. By adding depth your subject will leap out of the frame. For even more depth add interesting colours to your background too, the Instax square film will pick this up and the colours will add even more interest to your photos. 

Top Tip #4 – Look For Lines

Lead-in lines have been the basis of photography since its birth. Look out for lines like handrails, wallpaper designs or shelves, to draw the viewer’s eye into the image. You won’t regret it. Warning: Once you’ve learnt this trick you won’t be able to stop seeing lead-in lines wherever you go, so I’d suggest always having your SQ1 with you just in case!

Top Tip #5 – Go With Grids

Squares, in squares, in squares! What more could you want? Similarly to tip #2, when you’re ready to take the photo make sure you’re at an angle where the grids line up with the edge of the frame to really make it sing.

Top Tip #6 – Frame It Negative

With a square image, you have a lot more space to play with compared to your traditional rectangular frame. This means that there is the potential to play more with negative space. It might seem contrary to tip #1 but having your subject slightly out of the frame, or with lots of space around them can make for really interesting images. 

Top Tip #7 – Fill The Frame

Now that you’ve gotten used to negative space do the opposite and fill the frame! Instax Square Film pictures are 62x62mm. When you fill that space up your images can really pack a punch. 

Top Tip #8 – Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

Now that you’ve learnt all of these, go ahead and break them! The best thing you can do is grab your Square SQ1, get some film and start shooting.

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  • By Beatrice Debney
  • 17 May 2021

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