Innov8 Canon type NB 7L Lithium Ion Battery B1214

Innov8 Canon type NB 7L Lithium Ion Battery  B1214

7.4v 1050m ah

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Having a spare replacement battery enables digital camera users to use all the facilities of their camera without concern of running out of battery power and missing that all important shot.

INOV8 is a professional manufacturer of rechargeable batteries and battery packs for digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones and portable devices. INOV8 batteries are a cost effective replacement for all leading camera manufacturers including Canon, Nikon and Minolta as each battery is produced using the highest quality components and manufacturing processes ensuring OEM quality every time.

INOV8 have complete technology and experience for manufacturing battery packs; from protect circuit design, plastic case module design and development, battery cell test and battery pack assembly.

Battery cases are precision moulded using the latest laser techniques and the battery cells are pre-tested for 24 hours before final assembly. Protection and charging PCB's are also designed and produced in-house using the latest SMT machines. Finally, a built-in microprocessor safeguards the cells by limiting maximum voltage and protecting against deep discharge, short circuit and overload.

This ensures that the quality of the Inov8 brand is maintained to a very high standard and is backed by a full two year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Most digital camera users are unaware that the CCD (Charged Couple Device) remains charged even though the camera is switched off. This is to enable quick start-up time when the camera is switched on. Therefore if their camera has not been used for a few weeks could find themselves with a greatly reduced battery that potentially lasts just a few shots. If a recently charged low-cost INOV8 replacement battery was amongst their camera kit they could switch batteries and start shooting immediately.

With a lower retail price, a longer warranty and the same high specification as the original INOV8 is the ideal battery solution for all Digital camera kits.

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