Profoto A1 Wide Diffuser

Profoto A1 Wide Diffuser

Why buy the Profoto A1 Wide Diffuser?

The wide lens diffuser allows the spread of light from the A1 to cover a greater area, ideal for when shooting groups with wider lenses.

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Profoto A1 Wide Diffuser

Cast a wider flash with this wide diffuser for the Profoto A1. Ideal for lighting group photos with your A1 flash this wide diffuser creates a wide spread of light. 

The zoom function continues to work with this diffuser allowing you to fine-tune the spread. If you desire more control this A1 light shaper is stable with other A1 light shaping tools giving you even more creative control of your light.

As with the other A1 light shaping tools, this one affixes itself to the flash using the built-in smart magnetic mount.

Profoto A1 Wide Diffuser Features

  • Ideal for shooting group shots
  • Easily mount to the A1 flash using the magnet mount
  • Stack with other A1 modifiers
  • Portable


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