Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Camera

Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Camera

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Sony ZV-1 Camera Key Features

  • 20.1MP Digital Vlogging Camera
  • Designed for Vloggers and Content Creators
  • 4K image stabilised video
  • 3in Vari-Angle LCD screen
  • 24-70mm Zoom Lens
  • Rapid AF
  • Sensor Size - 1 Inch CMOS

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Why buy the Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Camera?

In a nutshell...

Following many exciting rumours and a teaser from Sony, the Sony ZV-1 is here! This compact Vlogging camera has been built with the content creator in mind. This portable unit allows Vloggers, businesses and more to create 4K video with rapid autofocus and 20.1MP images.

A 3 inch vari-angle LCD screen is paired with a secure grip and a recording lamp. Built-in image stabilisation and a 24-70mm zoom lens make for smooth shooting at a range of focal lengths. This makes it perfect for any solo content creator on the go, at home or in the office.

Comfortable Vlogging Camera

Whether you’re a seasoned YouTuber, or aspire to create videos for your company, travel videos, or share your passions and hobbies - the Sony ZV1 is set to take your work to another level with ease. To give you the best experience - Sony has designed the ZV-1 with plenty of superb features to build the ultimate tool. 

Intuitive controls make it easy to compose your shot. Combined with the dynamic vari-angle display, it is easy to shoot ‘selfie’ style videos and experiment with creative angles while feeling in control. Sony has designed the camera to be ergonomic with a firm grip and easy to access controls.

How clear is the audio on the Sony ZV1 Vlogging Camera?

ZV-1 allows you to record rich audio that meets the demands and expectations of today’s audiences. Even with an easy to use, compact camera. An integrated 3-capsule microphone offers the same advanced technology as found in Sony’s top-end video cameras. 

The camera features full stereo recording with noise reduction. It also has an intuitive wind-screen making it great for challenging conditions. For when you need that extra boost, a 3.5mm input jack allows you to pair it up with an external microphone. Check out our custom bundles above for some suggestions.

Sony’s forefront AF tracking

One of the most exciting features of the latest Sony cameras has been the tracking and AF performance. The ZV-1 is no exception! An AI-derived subject recognition feature will deliver reliable real-time Eye AF. This means the camera will recognise, detect and track your subject’s eye with precision and speed in clear 4K video.

Imaging Edge Webcam for live streaming

Lets you use the ZV-1 as a high-quality webcam without the need for third party accessories. Just download the application for free and plug the supplied USB cable into your camera and into your laptop’s USB port.

You can read more  about this via our guide on 'Sony Imaging Edge - Make your Sony Camera your webcam.'

Professional results

A series of features help you to deliver clarity and creativity to your images and videos at the touch of a few buttons.

What is Face Priority?

A unique Face Priority feature uses an Auto Exposure algorithm. It detects the subjects face while automatically setting the optimum exposure. This ensures the emphasis is placed on your subject even in changing lighting conditions. This is perfect for creating an engaging video and will help you to connect with your viewers.

Soft Skin Effect

The Soft Skin Effect allows you to conserve skin tones and sharpness while reducing skin wrinkles and marks when required. This feature is perfect for certain styles of content creation such as Influencer, Modelling and more.

  • Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Camera
    Easy to hold and film or photograph yourself when out in the world!
  • Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Camera
    Add the shooting grip and microphone fo the ultimate content creator setup.
  • Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Camera
    Works perfectly indoors for your latest video project.

Beautiful Bokeh

An easy Bokeh Switch will offer up a blurred background with beautiful bokeh at the touch of a button. Great for awkward backdrops and for adding emphasis to your subject.

Product Showcase Setting

Enable this setting to automatically shift the focus from your face to an object when it is held up to the lens. Perhaps you want to talk about a new product or an artefact from your travels. This setting does the thinking for you without any awkward framing, cutting or dodgy focus hunting.

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SONY ZV1 High Performance Compact Camera - Black reviews verified by reevoo
Verified reviews of SONY ZV1 High Performance Compact Camera - Black

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The Sony ZV-1 is Sony’s entry model entering the ‘vlogging’ area while promising outstanding performance, versatility, and image quality.

In terms of quality, Sony is well known to deliver highly sophisticated products while also developing technologies that implemented standards for other technologies for a very long time (Trinitron TV Screens). Therefore, new products from Sony are always highly anticipated due to their superior brand-reputation.

This review is taking an in-depth look at the Sony ZV-1 based on my own experiences. I will not compare this camera with other products from different manufacturers, but will solely concentrate on the basics, workings, and options that come with the ZV-1. Most importantly, though, I will keep this review as objective as I can, meaning I will promote not only the good points of the camera but also my dislikes. However, I must stress that those interested in buying this camera need to get down to the basics of photography while learning a little about changing or setting the aperture, focus, shutter speed, and focus. This routine ensures that the potential user is getting the most out of this camera, even in tricky situations.

The Sony ZV-1 comes with a magnitude of options. One of the strongest points must be the automatic point-and-shoot setting which will deliver instantly excellent images in most situations without demanding significant user input. It is merely a matter of selecting the Intelligent-Auto-setting and taking pictures.

Furthermore, the camera is featuring a new technology that enhances natural skin tones and keeps faces bright subjected to changing light sources or different environments.

Another outstanding feature is the Automatic Focus technology (AF) which gives the ZV-01 the edge in its field. The AF is working lightning fast and features Sony’s new Eye-Tracking technology, which proves to be invaluable when taking recordings of moving people.

Definitely noteworthy is the camera’s display which gives the user total control in every situation and can be folded face-down into the camera housing, meaning it is safe from being scratched or damaged.

Other features take care of shutter and aperture settings as well as focal length, ensuring that the camera can be used in tricky situations where Intelligent-Auto can not cope any longer. Furthermore, a wealth of video options is offered, ranging from Intelligent-Auto over Movie to High-Frame-Rate settings with the latter delivering stunningly super-slow-motion footage.

Another useful option is the ‘Function’ setting which lets you change the Audio-Record-level, Steady-Shot, Focus-mode, Skin-effects, Focus-Area, Creative-Styles, and many more. Last but not least there is the ‘Menu’ option which lets you change date and time, format an SD card, change slow-motion settings, and many other camera and image functions. Again, the user is well advised to learn the basics at the very least.

Also, I find the supplied windshield for the microphone to be of immense value. Taking video recordings with the windshield in harsh windy or otherwise noisy conditions will drastically improve the quality of the audio.

However, here comes my first niggle. The windshield for the microphone is too close to the Power-button and also takes it out of view. Maybe it is just my personal opinion, but it still does annoy me because I have large hands and find it hard to operate that button.

As already mentioned, Sony is well known for the outstanding quality of their products. Anybody choosing to buy this camera will not be disappointed while appreciating the craftsmanship and effort that has gone into this product. Hence, I would like to refer to my 17-years old Sony camcorder, which is still operating as good as on its first day.

The speed of the camera, especially in the Intelligent-Auto setting, is well balanced and sophisticated. Taking the camera and pressing the release button almost always guarantees excellent results under most conditions. Indeed, it will sufficiently compensate while the level of light or the focus is drastically changing, e.g. taking a picture through an open window, and abruptly turning back to take an image through a doorframe inside the house.

Anybody who knows a bit about cameras is aware that the Automatic-Focus will not always yield great results. However, Sony engineers have certainly delivered with the ZV-1 as most of the time, pictures or recordings are taken with AF come out crisp and clear. It lets you move about freely or starting to do things at random, near or far while the AF seems to work at the speed of light. Not once did the camera disappoint, making it one of the strongest points so far (view attached recording). The same applies to the Macro feature in the IA-setting, which is returning brilliant close-ups of insects and flowers without having to fiddle with additional settings.
Slow Motion

The Slow-Mo function certainly has become my favourite due to the stunning image quality and the breath-taking action it delivers with a healthy punch (please view the attached recording). It comes with a range of settings that lets you select the image quality, and the speed of the motion ranging from 10x, 20x or 40x times of the original speed of the moving object, depending on the frame rate you are going to select (250, 500 and 1000 frames per second). The length of the recording is pre-programmed and depends on the frame rate, e.g. higher frame rates yield shorter recordings. Therefore, learning the basics of this function will guarantee continued success when using this option.

Living in a world of instant access demands a certain level of connectivity for everything we use. The Sony ZV-1 is no exception. That is why it is good to know that you can connect your camera to your smartphone, TV, or computer over a wireless connection. In contrast, you can remotely control your camera with a computer or smartphone. The same applies to Bluetooth-connectivity, which lets you connect to your smartphone or the Sony shooting-grip. The latter serves as a remote control for your camera while vlogging (watch the attached video).

Operating the Sony ZV-1
One vital module needed to operate the camera is an SD Memory Card. While there is a magnitude of different cards available, my preferred option has always been SanDisk. Because of the camera’s performance, and the high data volume needed when taking video or Slow-Motion recordings, I found it essential to choose an SD-card able to cope with the speed and high demand of the camera. Hence, a SanDisk Extreme Pro is more than suitable to cope very well with the volume of images and recordings.

Likewise, operating and setting up the camera itself is very easy and straight forward. First, charge the battery and select an appropriate SD Memory Card. Then switch on the camera and follow the steps on the initial screen, which invites you to choose your language, date, and time. The next step is to simply point and shoot.
Nevertheless, here comes my second niggle. The battery life could be better, especially for those of you who will use the camera for vlogging or while on holidays. Therefore, investing in a spare set of batteries and a separate charger is a very wise option to avoid disappointment.

Lastly, transferring your taken images or recordings to your computer or smartphone does not require a high technical understanding as it is straight forward.

Final thoughts
The Sony ZV-1 is one of the most sophisticated cameras on the market. Its range of options, high quality, ease of operation and the high image quality make this camera a worthy contender. Indeed, I have to admit that I am more in favour of the ZV-1 then using my trusted Sony alpha 300, which is now 11-years old.

So, what is good about this camera? Well, pretty much everything, which makes this gadget so likeable. It performs well, it feels good, it delivers stunning images and recordings, and it is easy to handle. Generally speaking, the magnitude of good points eclipses some negatives, which is the missing focus-ring, short battery life, and restricted accessibility of the power-button because of the windshield (if installed to the camera). Also, the camera heats up considerably when used for long video recordings on a hot summer’s day.

However, overall, it is fun to use, affordable, and a worthy companion for the serious vlogger or for taking a magnitude of images and recordings under almost any condition.
Published on: 05 February 2021
out of 10


I have been using the camera a for a week now, and am really impressed by the both the build quality and the images the camera can produce in either video or photo mode. Although the camera features have been clearly designed around shooting video, still images have not been neglected either, with both rapid & accurate focus and rich, detailed images. Switching to video is really simple, through the separate dedicated button to choose that mode, and then the camera really shines - the product focus feature is very clever, allowing you to hold up an object and have the camera switch to that, rather than your face, and this will be a real star for vloggers & YouTubers.
The separate hand controller is incredibly useful and definitely recommended - not only does it allow you to take selfies at a more natural distance from your face, by extending your reach - but the controls are simple & easy to use, allowing you to concentrate on the image quality & content.
The only minor niggle is the software to download the images and videos taken to your smartphone or laptop, is slightly confusing, so I have tended to use the direct laptop link, rather that the wifi route. But now I am familiar with it, the editing features are really good to trim video content.
Published on: 05 February 2021

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