ZEISS ZX1 Digital Camera

ZEISS ZX1 Digital Camera - Everything we know so far

Shoot, Edit, Share. With key features and specifications, find out everything we know so far about the highly anticipated ZEISS ZX1 Compact Camera launch.

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ZEISS ZX1 Key Features

  • Full Frame Sensor 37.4MP CMOS 
  • Lens ZEISS Distagon T* 35mm f/2 Lens
  • Electronic Viewfinder 0.74x Full HD OLED 
  • Construction Leaf Shutter & Physical Exposure Dials
  • Storage Built-in 512GB SSD
  • Integrated editing Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC built-in

ZEISS ZX1 Specifications

Download a copy of the ZEISS ZX1 Specification here

Why Buy the ZEISS ZX1 Camera?

The ZEISS ZX1 promises to offer photographers a seamless workflow experience. Shoot, Edit, Share is lived up to by incredible functionality in all areas of a photographer’s working day. It’s clear that ZEISS has taken the joys of mobile phone photography, like quick, easy editing and sharing, and built these into an optimised, full-frame camera with more bells and whistles than any smart device. Escape your phone and rediscover the pleasure of photography with this exciting upcoming release.

Product Announcement Video


Full Frame 37.4MP CMOS Sensor

The Full-Frame CMOS Sensor in the ZX1 gives superb high-resolution 34.7MP stills. It is also highly capable of shooting stunning 4K movies. It will capture stills up to a rate of 3fps and the ISO ranges from an impressive 80-51200 making it great in a wide range of lighting. This promises to be utterly brilliant when paired with the f2 aperture of the lens

Distagon T* 35mm f2 prime ZEISS lens

The ZEISS Distagon T* 35mm f2 lens gives a wide field of view. This makes the overall camera perfect for many photographic applications. 

The optical design features 2 double-sided aspherical elements. These reduce distortion and spherical aberrations dramatically. Light and bright f2 max aperture make it great for shooting in low lighting conditions. 

It is perfect for travel, landscape and street photography. It works harmoniously with the 34.7MP CMOS Full Frame sensor.

We think that the diverse photography you’ll be able to achieve from this lens, combined with the edit and share functionality, will make the ZX1 perfect for daily use; professionally and personally.

Silent shooting leaf shutter

The Leaf Shutter gives optimal flash synchronisation in all shutter speeds. It is near silent allowing you to shoot incognito in challenging settings. Perfect for slipping through an event or discreet street photography.

Precise 255-area autofocus system.

The camera boasts a responsive and accurate 255-area AF system. This is set to work brilliantly with continuous and single-shot AF. You can also opt for MF and DMF settings.

Physical Dials and Controls

Offering a tactile experience alongside the responsive touchscreen is a set of rings and dials. Shutter speed and ISO dials give easy to control. A manual aperture control ring on the 35 mm lens gives an overall easy and intuitive experience when controlling exposure.

Perfect for video

ZX1 will capture stunning 4K30p video. It features useful headphone and mic jacks allowing you to capture crisp, clean professional grade audio.

Electronic Viewfinder & Large touchscreen display

A 0.74x Full HD OLED EVF gives a stunning live view. One feature we’re particularly excited for is the Blind Navigation, shown in the video above. Control by swiping the touchscreen while looking through the high contrast viewfinder with ease.


Edit on the go with Adobe Lightroom

The immense 4.34 inch LCD display is perfect for editing while travelling. The HD 1280x720 screen with 338 ppi res gives a realistic view of your end result.  A touch-sensitive toolbar located in an ergonomically designed groove in the body means you can navigate all of the mechanisms of Lightroom with ease. 

Adjust everything from colour to exposure precisely, just like you would at your desk. That said, the edits are easy to sync so you can finish up on your desktop machine later. We’re sure you'll agree that the ZX1 offers an exciting revolution in your daily photography workflow.


Seamless connectivity

With multiple options for connecting the camera to the outside world, sharing has never been easier. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC allow smooth transfer to connected devices. This means you can share with the world via social media in minutes, or with clients and colleagues via email, with ease. Wired USB-C allows for rapid movement of files to a desktop or laptop computer or external hard drive.

512GB of storage

An SSD with 512GB of storage takes the hassle out of changing memory cards. The display and interface allow for easy organisation of your files - improving your video/photography workflow even further. Simply transfer files to your cloud backup with ease, this includes compatibility with Dropbox.


We don’t yet have the info on how much it’ll cost to buy the ZX1 in the UK. Once we have all the details you’ll be able to order this exciting new ZEISS compact from Clifton Cameras. Fill in the registration form below to be one of the first to find out.

Release Date

The folks over at ZEISS have not given a release date for this camera since its announcement back in 2018. Once we know the release date and ordering information, you’ll be able to pre-order yours for just £5 deposit from Clifton Cameras. This will be available with next day UK delivery once the stock arrives.

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