Is the Canon EOS M5 this year's best vlogging camera?

The Canon EOS M5 has been discontinued 

This past year Canon introduced us to two new iterations of the mirrorless M family. The M5 and M50 Mark II represent compact yet capable alternatives to heavy SLRs. They share much of the same technology as their older brothers and indeed excel in some areas where that technology has been improved upon.

After much online buzz over the course of 2017, and numerous rave reviews from high-profile YouTube stars, the M5 has shown itself to be one of the most capable vlogging and content creation tools to hit the market this year. 

By virtue of being of Canon pedigree it resolves excellent image quality, great detail all the way up to ISO 6400 and a densely populated 24MP sensor gives you A3+ printable results. This CSC also derives it’s imaging tech from the well-regarded 80D and shares a vibrant 3.2-inch tilt-angle display with the 5D Mark IV and 1D X Mark II.

This camera is as much a serious photographer's camera as it is capable of populating your YouTube channel and Instagram with stunning social content.

So what are the EOS M5’s Top Features?

This is the shortlist of features that should make you consider this camera for your next digital imaging tool.

  1. The tilt down screen - Consider that many of us equip our cameras with external microphones and lights in the hot shoe. The down folding screen will not be obstructed by gear on top of the camera. It also helps in checking your composition as you don’t appear to be looking off camera each time you want to see how you’re framed.
  1. Connectivity - We know what you’re thinking… what if we want to use a tripod? Won’t that block the screen? It will, but here’s where the Canon Camera Connect app comes in. You can now use your phone as an external monitor to view what you’re shooting live on your device. Not only that but it takes literal seconds to share high-quality photos and video straight to your phone and from there on to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  1. 5-axis stabilisation - Unlike the original EOS M, this camera comes with in-body IS. This means you'll pick up less camera shake in your footage, making your videos feel much more cinematic. Not only that but you’ll be able to shoot handheld at longer focal lengths and slower shutter speeds while avoiding image blur.
  1. Dual Pixel CMOS AF & DIGIC 7 - Bring more of that cinematic movie feel to your video with precision subject tracking across 80% of the frame while touch AF makes dramatic focus transitions a piece of cake.
  1. 2.36 million dot EVF - This camera has a great electronic viewfinder with 2.36 million dot resolution and fast 120fps refresh rate. The 0.62x magnification and near 100% coverage means the view doesn’t feel cramped when shooting and compares favourably to the competition. If you’re looking to improve upon your photography an EVF is a must. Shooting while looking at the display won’t connect you with your subject or help you frame your shot the way a viewfinder does.

In light of being one of our favourite releases from the past year and an all-around great piece of kit we are have put together a special Vloggers Kit FREE with every purchase of a Canon EOS M5 body or kit. The kit includes Rode VideoMicro, Manfrotto PIXI Mini Black Tripod & a Lexar 16GB Professional SDHC card.

The Canon EOS M5 has been discontinued

  • By Matthew Ward
  • 24 Oct 2017

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