Release of Sigma Interchangeable Lenses for L-Mount

SIGMA is living up to its commitment to the L-Mount Alliance by announcing the launch of 11 prime lenses for full-frame cameras. The art primes from SIGMA will range from 14mm to 135mm in focal length. They promise to achieve rapid autofocus, compatibility with continuous autofocus, in-camera image stabilisation and are compatible with in-camera aberration correction.

  • Sigma L Mount Art 35mm F1.4


What prime lenses are available on SIGMA’s Art L-Mount?

This is the full list of SIGMA art lenses that thanks to the L-Mount, will be compatible with Leica and Panasonic camera bodies

What is the L-Mount Alliance?

  • The L Mount Alliance - Sigma Leica Panasonic

Announced in September 2018; Leica, Panasonic and SIGMA announced an alliance. The L-Mount Alliance is a three-way partnership between the brands with an aim to give their customers a diverse, future-proofed line of products. All three manufacturers are producing cameras and lenses to mount camera bodies via the L Mounts found on Panasonic and Leica cameras.

The L-Mount was first built for Leica’s mirrorless AF camera system. It was originally designed by Leica for their APS-C cameras and lenses in 2014 and was later developed for their full-frame systems in 2015. SIGMA and Panasonic later then formed the alliance with Leica and now all 3 make Lenses and Cameras with the mount.

The L-mount features a large inner diameter with a high precision fit. At 51.6mm, the mount enables the use and construction of super fast lenses. The mount also gives the 3 manufacturers the opportunity to build compact APS-C format system cameras.

The lens to camera interface is configured to be future-proofed. The mount also allows lenses to be moisture and dust sealed to a high standard.

Why choose SIGMA Art Line Lenses?

The Art line of lenses is well regarded amongst photographers and delivers high performance while offering value for money. SIGMA’s art lenses are designed to produce images with the sharpest and finest detail possible. They also tend to have high apertures ranging from f1.4 to f2.8.

Art lenses offer up incredible focal plane sharpness. The series will give photographers exceptional colour and beautiful resolution to their images with superb optical performance.

What are the benefits of SIGMA Art L-Mount?

Enhanced autofocusing for the L-Mount

SIGMA has tuned the Autofocus Drive Control Program and High-Speed Communication. This has optimised all of the lenses, giving users fast and precise control. Fully compatible with AF, the lenses will also support AF C mode.

In-camera image stabilization

The lenses will support in-camera image stabilization. This allows the mounted camera to recognise the focal length of the art lens. It can then optimise the lenses image stabilization, and in the camera.

Support for in-camera aberration correction

SIGMA has made the lenses fully compatible with in-camera aberration correction. This corrects peripheral illumination, chromatic aberrations, and distortion. Matching these corrections with the setup of the optics vastly steps up the quality of your image.

Rigid stability from the native L Mount

By having mount native lenses, you get a greater feeling of stability and rigidity than with a lens adapter. The lenses also have a surface treatment to enhance strength. A brass bayonet mount offers a precise fit with superb durability. Rubber sealing for dust and splash-proof construction is in each design.

SIGMA’s Mount Conversion Service

A SIGMA mount conversion will calibrate your lens mount to different bodies. It allows you to adapt your lens to a specific camera body. Especially if you plan to get a new one in the future. This means you can use the art lenses over the long term, regardless of what camera system you use.

SIGMA L-Mount Lenses are available for Pre-order Now!

You can buy and pre-order these lenses from Clifton Cameras today. The prices are to be confirmed, as well as stock ETA.

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  • By Matthew Clarke
  • 28 Feb 2019

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