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Urth is a brand dedicated to providing technical tools for photographers in any setting, with environmental stability and a stylish, user-friendly design. Discover this collection of Urth camera bags and backpacks, Urth lens adapters, and Urth lens filters. 

Camera Bags

Urth’s selection of camera backpacks, camera inserts, laptop sleeves, and tech organisers show why durability is key to sustainability; designed to suit all types of cameras, photographers, and budgets. 

Some prominent features that show themselves throughout the range are the weatherproof recycled nylon, the comfortable and stylish design, and the focus on versatile organisation. 

The multiple storage zones and versatile nature of bags like the 20-litre Arkose backpack make it ideal as an everyday carry bag, for on-the-go street photographers and adventurous content creators. 

Carry your camera, lenses, flashguns and other accessories, in a bag with modular adaptability for whatever your shoots require. Plus, with the ability to hold a small camera insert of 3.7L, secure your most delicate camera gear with ease. 

Similarly, the 24-litre Norite backpack is a great option for the office-going photographer, featuring padded laptop and tablet pockets, and space for your everyday essentials, but has the added benefit of being able to house a medium camera insert of 11.3L. 

These are both available in multiple colours including Beige, Black, Green, and Ash Grey


Urth Norite 24L Backpack

Urth Norite 24L Backpack

Urth Arkose 20L Backpack

Urth Arkose 20L Backpack


50cm (height) x 31cm (width) x 17cm (depth)

46cm (height) x 28cm (width) x 15cm (depth)

Volume 24L 20L
Holds 13”-16” laptop, tablet or notebook, tripod, wallet, phone, keys, lunch, water bottle, glasses, earphones, Norite medium camera insert 13”-16” laptop, tablet or notebook, tripod, wallet, phone, keys, lunch, water bottle, glasses, earphones, Arkose small camera insert            
Fabric Weatherproof 600D recycled nylon Weatherproof 600D recycled nylon
Weight 915g 900g


The outer shell of these Urth backpacks is made from recycled nylon with a durable water-repellent finish. This helps make cleaning off general dirt stains easier with a simple wipe from a damp clean cloth. 

Alternatively, the Urth Arkose Tote allows for a side carry storage option compared to its near-equivalent backpack, whilst its 18L volume still grants the freedom for modular versatility. 

For less intrusive camera bags that can hold your portable kit during travel photography or wedding photography, some great options include the 5.1-litre Dolomite camera sling and the 2-litre Andesite camera pouch. Pack in all your essential photography gear, with adjustable dividers to customise the Dolmite for quick access to your camera gear. Or keep your camera and personal effects safe at your side with the Andesite, so you’re always ready to point and shoot. 


Urth Dolomite Camera Sling

Urth Dolomite Camera Sling

Urth Andesite Camera Pouch

Urth Andesite Camera Pouch


17.5cm (height) x 30cm (width) x 10cm (depth)

17.5cm (height) x 13.5cm (width) x 7cm (depth)
Volume 5.1L 2L
Holds 1 DSLR or Mirrorless with lens attached 1-2 extra lenses, Filters, Spare batteries, Keys, Phone, Charging Cable 1 Point & Shoot Camera, Phone, Keys, Airpods                                                                                                 
Weight Sling: 300g, Strap: 40g Pouch: 160g, Strap: 40g


Keep all your valuables and camera gear in one place for easy storage on the go or compact travel in a larger piece of luggage with the Urth Zeolite Tech Organiser

For extra security out in the field or dynamic shots in the studio pick up either the Urth Core Camera Strap V2, for a strong, secure, and comfortable way to hold your camera hands-free, or get the Urth Core Camera Strap Slim V2 for a more compact look suited to smaller cameras. Both are adjustable to be worn around the neck or across the body. 

Protect your laptop from dust, scratches, and rain with the dense foam padding and waterproof design of an Urth Naos 13/14 inch Laptop Sleeve or Urth Naos 15/16 inch Laptop Sleeve. A lightweight and minimalist design lets you comfortably carry these on their own or pair them with a bag of your choice. 

Lens Adapters

Lens mount adapters allow you to use third-party and vintage lenses with your camera, helping to expand your lens options and explore your creativity without bloating your kit too much. 

Use camera and lens combinations from otherwise incompatible systems and build a compact, yet versatile photography kit. 

  • Urth Lens Adapter
  • Urth Lens Adapter
  • Urth Lens Adapter

Adapters like the Urth Canon (EF / EF-S) Lens Mount (Electronic) have inbuilt smart features such as the ability to enable seamless use of most electronic lens functions with your camera. This includes exposure, autofocus, AE metering, and image stabilisation. It is designed to be compact for travel and can be used in both manual or autofocus shooting modes. 

Manual-based lens adapters are designed for analogue shooting and will have to be adjusted by hand to get your desired shot. These include the Urth Lens Adapter Leica M Lens and Urth Lens Adapter Olympus OM Lens, built to pair lenses with cameras that would be otherwise incompatible, letting your existing collection of lenses go further. This is optimal when travelling light or testing a range of shooting styles. 

Plus, some manual-style adapters like the Urth Lens Adapter Sony A (Minolta AF) Lens and Urth Lens Adapter Nikon F (G-Type) Lens feature an aperture control ring or external lever for adjusting the aperture of a shot, even when your chosen lens lacks an aperture control ring itself. 

These high-quality adapters are compatible with various camera mounts, including Nikon Z, Sony E, Canon RF, Fujifilm X, Leica L, and Micro Four Thirds.

All Urth lens adapters are built with durable hardened aluminium ensuring a secure connection with just a click to lock it in place against your lens and camera. Your image quality won't be compromised in any way thanks to this snug fit's ability to prevent light leakage.

Dedicated to providing a net positive impact on the environment and the planet, these Urth products' CO2 impact from manufacturing, transport, and packaging, are offset by the efforts of sequestered CO2 through planting trees.

Lens Filters

Explore your creativity with professional-quality lens filters. Sharpen your images, cut polarised light, and protect your lenses. Plus explore the simplified and low-impact design of the magnetic filter system. Urth has designed its magnetic filter range for easy use and extensive creative control. Quickly change the lens filter you have on between shots with a simple snap-on design. 

Urth Lens Filters

The Urth Magnetic Adapter Ring can be bought with an Urth Filter kit or separately. This adapter ring lets you use the Urth Magnetic Filter range on multiple lenses with the same filter size contributing to a compact and user-friendly system. Simply attach the magnetic adapter ring to your camera lens and start switching through your filters.

Picking the right filter for the job can help you enhance your photography workflow and reduce the time spent on post-production adjustments.

A CLP (circular polariser) filter for instance can enhance colour, reduce reflections, and boost overall contrast by selectively managing polarised light. This can be an indispensable tool for landscape photographers. Polarising filters can be rotated to block the polarised light from a specific direction, reducing glare and reflections on non-metallic surfaces. The Urth Magnetic Duet Kit Plus (UV/CPL) is available with filter dimensions from 37mm up to 95mm, or you can get the Urth Magnetic CPL Plus as a stand-alone filter. 

ND (neutral density) filters are great for capturing motion blur effects during long-exposure photography or blurring the background in portraits, though doesn’t have any effect on the colour of your image. Using something like the Urth Magnetic ND Selects Kit Plus (ND8/ND64/ND1000), which contains three ND filters, can let you interchangeably create different cinematic effects, such as motion blur and creative depth of field. Available at filter dimensions from 37mm up to 82mm. Available in this kit or separately, the Urth Magnetic ND1000 Plus filter blocks 10 f-stops of light, making it the most dramatic amount of light blocked in the range and allowing you to experiment with super-long exposure times. 

UV filters give clarity to your photography by blocking certain levels of ultraviolet light and reducing the overall haze in a shot. For instance, the Urth Magnetic UV Plus has been designed to cut out 99.6% of UV light and produce a sharper image. 

Urth filter Plus+ range features 20 layers of nano-coating for easier cleaning and better protection against oil, dirt and scratches. An Urth Magnetic Lens Filter Cap can be added to your magnetic filter stack, protecting them from dust and scratches, as well as making them ready for compact storage. 

A collection of the most commonly used lens filters is also available in the Urth Magnetic Essentials Kit Plus (UV/CPL/ND8/ND1000). Overall this gives you many creative options for filtering the light and colour of your images. 


Urth’s selection of bags, lens adapters, and filters works well to assist you on your photography journey while contributing to a compact travel kit and hassle-free setup. The adaptability and personability of each range allow for a custom approach towards each of your shoots, so you can take the photos you want with the kit you want. 

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