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Our very own Ben Wright was recently given the chance to visit Leica headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany for the unveiling of the SL3.  Check out the video below or keep reading to find out more about this incredible camera.


The Leica SL3 features a similar 60MP CMOS full-frame backside-illuminated sensor to that in the Q3, as well as the same triple-resolution technology. This gives the camera the ability to record DNG and JPEG formats at 60, 36, or 18-megapixels while still always using the full sensor area. The camera also offers 15 stops of dynamic range and 14-bit colour depth.

The picture on the left is the original, unedited image whereas the image on the right has been cropped by 500%. The amount of detail that has been captured is truly impressive.

  • Older Man with Large Beard
  • Older Man with Large Beard zoomed in 500%

Low Light

The SL3 comes equipped with the Maestro IV Processor with L2 technology that ensures optimised noise reduction with an ISO range of 50 - 100,00. This is further aided by the autofocus system that combines phase detection, object recognition, and contrast detection as well as 5 stops of image stabilisation.

The majority of the images that you see here were taken at ISO 12’500 and we can see just how much the noise is kept to a minimum when we take a closer look. 

It is also worth pointing out at this stage just how intuitive the interface and dials of the camera are. Not only was there very little light with which to capture images, it was also difficult to see what I was doing but the SL3 made it effortless for me to dial in the settings that I needed with ease. Leica has always focussed on what is necessary for the photographer to go about their work and this camera is no exception.

  • Man Pouring Drink into Glass
  • Man Pouring Drink into Glass zoomed in
  • Picture of lime slices in a bowl
  • Picture of lime slices in a bowl zoomed in

Colour Reproduction

The Maestro IV Processor also allowed for fantastic colour reproduction. You can clearly see in the images below how the camera renders these high-contrast colours.

  • Model with high contrast colours
  • Model with high contrast colours zoomed in


The Leica SL3 features the same 2200 mAh BP-SCL6 battery as the Q3. I was using the camera pretty consistently for around 5 hours and it had around a 3rd of the power left st the end of the day so not bad at all.

Size, Weight and Ergonomics

The SL3 features a full magnesium metal housing and has an IP54 rating. The camera weighs 80g less than the SL2 and is ever so slightly smaller as well with it being 5.2mm less in width and 3mm less in height. This might not sound like a huge amount but the reduction in weight and size was very noticeable and the slightly reduced size and improved dimensions made it easy to carry around with me all day.

Tilt Screen

The camera now features a tiltable 3.2” screen that proved to be very useful for shooting at angles that would be difficult to achieve with a fixed screen. Very handy for shooting at waist level with no viewfinder obstruction.

Interface and Usability

The camera was incredibly easy to use with an intuitive interface and dials. The camera features a new menu and icon design and can be fully customised to your liking. The SL3 also works incredibly well with the Leica FOTOS app thanks to the 10x faster wifi for fast upload speeds to your phone. In fact its possible to transfer a DNG file in just 2 seconds.

Convinced yet?

Key Features

  • Resolution choice: 60MP, 36MP, 18MP
  • ISO 50-100,000
  • Hybrid AF-System
  • Maestro IV Processor
  • New customisable user interface
  • Compact and optimised design
  • Tiltable high-res touchscreen
  • 5.76M dot OLED-Viewfinder
  • Up to 8K Video HEVC and ProRes

Click here to view Leica SL3 specifications > 

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  • By Ben Wright
  • 7 Mar 2024

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