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 Leica: that means best German Engineering and a special culture of the picture. Our eyes have the greatest influence over how we perceive and understand our world. Leica has a long history of focusing on perception and has developed innovative instruments that afford a unique seeing experience. The result is a renowned series of cameras and lenses, and a superb range of sport optics including high-aperture and laser rangefinder binoculars, and spotting scopes. 

You can always tell a Leica. By the way it takes pictures - and by the pictures it takes. 


  • Clifton Cameras are proud to be one of only two in the UK, officially accredited Leica Boutique stores.  

    As a Leica Boutique, we offer our customers exclusive access to select Leica products and services, enhanced range of products held in stock and the assurance of knowledge when you contact us.

    It confirms our commitment to the incredible Leica product range.  We look forward to welcoming you to our Leica Boutique soon!

  • Leica Boutique
  • Leica M

    Leica M Cameras

    Get closer to the moment: When you take a photograph with a Leica M Camera, you experience a different kind of photography. Featuring intuitive controls and without superfluous functions or overcomplicated menus. Leica M allows you to concentrate on the essential: the image.        

  • Leica T

    Leica T Cameras

    Aluminium for the body. Pictures for the heart.
    The art of engineering and the pinnacle of craftsmanship. These have been associated with Leica for more than a century. Never before has taking a Leica picture been so easy, or felt so good.  
  • Leica Compact Cameras

    Leica Digital Cameras

    Small in stature - Huge in performance
    Leica Cameras feature only the fastest, best quality lenses available and the best preforming CMOS sensors. Leica cameras are easy to handle whether you are an experienced photographer or a novice. 
  • Leica Film camera

    Leica Film Cameras

    Leica Camera proudly presents the Leica M-A, an analog, fully mechanical camera body that works without a battery. Returning to the basic aspects of photography - focus, aperture and shutter speed, this analog camera stays true to the roots of photography. Unlike the analog Leica MP, the Leica M-A does not have a built in light meter.
  • Leica Lenses

    Leica Lenses

    Leica lenses are famous for being absolute state-of-the-art instruments. they have created a new generation of lenses designed to give true and outstanding quality to every picture.
  • Leica rangefinder

    Leica Rangefinder

    All Leica Rangemasters use only the finest in optoelectronics. Precise determination of distance and other essential parameters is only a touch of a button away.  Fluoride glass and aspheric state-of-the-art lenses deliver remarkably detailed images. The bright optics guarantee absolute clarity and superb contrast – even at long distances.
  • Leica Flashguns

    Leica Flashguns

    Leica Flashguns combine top performance with versatility and provides more opportunities for flash exposures or fill-in flash to brighten your subjects.
  • Leica Binoculars

    Leica Binoculars

    Leica binoculars contain only the very finest components. Combining superior optics with precise mechanisms. Their outstanding resolving power and precise and durable mechanical construction let users embark on a voyage of discovery.  Leica Binoculars are ready for any kind of adventure.  
  • Leica Scopes

    Leica Scopes

    Built on sophisticated optics and rugged mechanics, high performance and  offering intimate moments thanks to the short, close focussing limit. Perfection in glass. All spotting scopes incorporate fluoride lenses, resulting in very low dispersion and better correction of aberrations.   
  • Leica Accessories

    Leica Digital Accessories

    View the range of official Leica Accessories here.  We stock the full range to compliment your Leica camera.  Here you will find battery grips, remotes, viewfinders, caps and more.
  • 100 Years of Leica

    The Legend Lives On

    Leica don’t just build cameras – they create everlasting values that set standards. The secret to their success? Ingenious engineering and formidable craftsmanship. The result? Timeless classic products. Astonishing innovations. Technical masterpieces. Gain your own glimpse of how the Leica story of success began – and continues today.
  • New York, 1914 - Ernst Leitz II

    A History of Iconic Leica Photos

    100 years of Leica, 100 years of history: The Hindenburg conquers the skies, the Russians conquer Berlin, and James Dean conquers the hearts of women. Always on the spot at such decisive moments were photographers who had an eye for the visual impact of the scene – and a Leica in their hands. We present their photos to you in the exhibition ’36 Iconic Photos’ at the Leitz Park in Wetzlar. 36 iconic images that are today renowned around the world.


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